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The capacity to fund "two hot cold"   financial institutions have received a discharge caution – Guizhou Channel – original title: capacity to fund "two hot cold" financial institutions have received a discharge care industry overcapacity financing environment to achieve real time needs to be reversed. "Economic Reference News" reporter learned that the province of Shanxi, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia and other typical resources of government departments to guide financial institutions through the extension of the loan period, the issuance of special loans to help resolve the debt risk of overcapacity in key enterprises, at the same time, the bank and other financial institutions, although the overall credit policy is "closed put", but for the future risk considerations, for the entire industry of new credit still cautious. The government and enterprises are more active, financial institutions and investors more cautious "two hot intermediate cold" phenomenon is more obvious. In September 28th, as the market leader in the Bohai thermal coal index closed at 561 yuan per ton, rose for fourteenth consecutive weeks. Recently, the Bureau of statistics data show that 1-8 months, coal mining and washing industry realized a total profit of 22 billion 480 million yuan, an increase of 15%. But all this did not let the coal industry optimistic. The current coal demand continued to fall, overcapacity, business difficulties and did not change the substance of the situation." Liang Jiakun, vice president of China Coal Industry Association, said that it is necessary to attach great importance to corporate debt risk, control business risk. At the end of July this year, the national scale coal enterprises total liabilities of 3 trillion and 660 billion yuan, an increase of 4.7%, the average asset liability ratio reached 70%. Another large capacity of the steel industry is not optimistic about the debt situation. As of the end of 6, China Iron and steel industry association key statistics steel enterprises total liabilities of 3 trillion and 250 billion yuan, an increase of $3 billion 120 million, an increase of 0.10%; asset liability ratio of 70%, an increase of 1.4 percentage points. Heilongjiang provincial government official told reporters that in terms of prevention to produce capacity in the process of debt risk, the government departments will guide financial institutions directed through the acquisition of loans, extend loans and other ways to support the coal mine enterprises (Group) to resolve the overcapacity. The source also said that the support of the Dragon coal group and other large coal enterprises to make use of fine assets, high quality resources guarantee each other, through the mining rights mortgage, the issuance of corporate bonds, public financing and other forms of financing. Innovation supports the development of financial derivative products, reduces the financing cost of coal mine enterprises, and enhances the ability of financing and repaying the loan. Shanxi Banking Bureau Secretary Zhang Anshun held on the day before the CBRC said regular press conference, Shanxi province coal supply side structural reform is gradually advancing, the banking sector to support the coal supply side structural reform is a fundamental way of prevention and control of financial risk, the key is to implement "differentiated credit policy support and control. Illegal production and construction, shutting down out of coal enterprises belonging to the "control" category, seven provincial coal group is the object of differentiated credit policy of "Fu". Reporters learned that the excess capacity in Inner Mongolia enterprises, the removal of Baotou Steel Group, are private enterprises, involving corporate debt of about 6 billion 800 million yuan, some of these debt is相关的主题文章: