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Tong Dawei Sheenah hosted a couple of mansion interior exposure (Figure) Sheenah couple to Tong Dawei home entertainment news November 23rd morning, Joe Chen drying out a photo to Tong Dawei’s home in micro-blog, causing users onlookers. Joe Chen in micro-blog with the text said: "thank you for the big brother big for our dinner’s kitchen." In the photo, Tong Dawei a good man’s posture, cook in honor of Joe Chen and Sheenah, on the table of rich dishes, very thoughtful reception etiquette. The Tong Dawei family in the interior but also make friends marvel is from the photo, can see the interior layout of the Tong Dawei family, the light is very luxurious banquet hall, European style decoration is very bright. In this regard, users have commented that: just look at the two photos, feel the damage to the home area." It is reported that Tong Dawei and Guan Yue August 20, 2007 licensing of marriage, wedding in April 18, 2008 in Beijing. In May 4th this year, Tong Dawei Guan Yue gave birth to a son, have two daughters of the couple was hot. Tong Dawei said: "everything is reasonable and legitimate. Thank you for your concern, certainly born in china." Tong Dawei Sun said the third child is the son of the evening of August 7th, Tong Dawei and his wife, the couple held a feast for the son of the three day of the feast, a happy appearance of the five of the. Shortly after the birth of Guan Yue slim speed, two daughters dressed in a princess skirt nestled in the side. Circle of friends to congratulate. Tong Dawei family of five相关的主题文章: