TPP China scheme It is all up with will become the focus of the APEC summit luonv

TPP "China scheme It is all up with" will become the focus of the summit of the APEC original title: TPP "Chinese scheme It is all up with" will become the focus of the APEC summit Chinese Youth Daily, China Youth Online reporter Chen Xiaoru (APEC) the twenty-fourth APEC informal leadership meeting will be held in Peru’s capital Lima to 20 days on November 19th. Although the theme of the summit is "high quality growth and human development", but the United States after the election of the "trans Pacific Partnership Agreement" (TPP) and a potential alternative to the fate, will become the main topic of the leaders of the intensive consultations. Obama made a final push APEC summit in Peru is the last diplomatic visit to Obama as president of the United States to save TPP, hoped with the appearance of his political legacy, now have to face the TPP will likely settle a matter by leaving it unsettled embarrassment. However, he still said it would use the space of APEC summit meet all TPP leaders, and to promote the entry into force of the TPP. TPP was launched in 2002 by APEC members in New Zealand, Singapore, Chile and Brunei to promote trade liberalization in the Asia Pacific region. In 2010, TPP negotiations started, and eventually made a substantial breakthrough in October 5, 2015, the United States, Japan and other 10 Pan Pacific countries agreed on the TPP. February 4, 2016, the United States, Japan, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam, 12 countries signed the TPP agreement. But the TPP to take effect, but also the need for the 12 legislative bodies (parliament, parliament) approved by. The 12 countries had signed TPP have vowed that to promote the entry into force of the TPP in this year, but a U.S. presidential election completely disrupted the process of TPP. The British "Guardian" website in November 12th entitled "the White House admitted that Congress will put TPP into the toilet," the report said, in view of the house and Senate not a formal handover of power in January 20th next year before the Congress to discuss the TPP agreement, and President elect Trump almost every day to attack this agreement, the TPP agreement in the United States almost dead set the. Although the TPP dead effect in the entire Asia Pacific region continues to ferment, but Obama said in November 17th that it will continue to lobby Congress to approve TPP. Obama is also the same as the last attempt to save the TPP as well as Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo and Singaporean Prime Minister, Mr. Andouble has a strong push TPP agreement in November 10th, Japan’s parliament approved the next day, he also stressed that "will use every opportunity to urge the United States and other countries signed as soon as possible to complete the domestic procedures, and can not passively wait for the attitude of the United States, but to improve the opportunity to take effect as soon as possible in Japan under the leadership of". Singapore Prime Minister Li Xianlong to Trump propaganda says, if he was cancelled after TPP, that "for those of us who actively for the negotiations, is disappointing". On the contrary, some countries have decided to give up. Vietnamese Prime Minister Ruan Chunfu November 17th Peng相关的主题文章: