Two fugitives hiding in Guangzhou Valley 1 weeks produced nearly 3 tons of ice-norton disk doctor

Two fugitives hiding in Guangzhou Valley for 1 weeks produced nearly 3 tons of methamphetamine (correspondent: Liu Xiangming Zhang Yitao Cen Bohan Zhang Jin) September 21st, Guangzhou police held a news conference, informed the earlier "Baiyun express little brother reported drug-related cases have 182 kilograms of the new process, the police successfully touched a melon vine uncovered involving 5 in China, 3 provinces, 7 city and 1 regions of large manufacturing selling drug smuggling group, has destroyed 3 drug manufacturing and 1 drug store warehouse, seized drug product of about 2.1 tons, 2 tons of semi-finished products, and raw materials, a large number of drug manufacturing equipment. And in September 10th the same day, the Guangzhou Zengcheng police destroyed a drug manufacturing workshop in a mountain forest in the area, arrested drug suspects 10, seized more than and 530 kilograms of drugs finished, semi-finished products 2 tons, as well as raw materials, a large number of drug manufacturing equipment, drug money about 2100000 yuan. According to police, the nearly 3 tons of methamphetamine finished products, semi-finished products, is produced by the two Fujian nationality drug master in 1 weeks, and two "poison" is not the first time the crimes, were drug-related fugitives. The series of cases to start from the beginning of March this year, is also known as "Baiyun express little brother to the police according to the clues, Baiyun police seal air tank 4 air compressor this clue receiving transport in the Baiyun District of the international freight forwarding company, seized 100 kilograms of methamphetamine. Task force after more than two months of investigation, and finally found a compressor delivery place – Dongguan, Humen. Subsequently, the Police Task Force conducted a lot of investigation work, and repeatedly travel to Dongguan investigation visits, the months of waiting outside, tracking, and ultimately determine the Dongguan city Humen a freight service department taking a boss (Taiwan nationality people) and is responsible for the freight to Guangzhou Xu Moufang (Hubei) have a major crime suspects. May 23rd 14 am, they are ready to check the steel wire drawing machine, the task force has taken decisive arrests, taking a captured 4 suspects, and seized 182 kilograms of methamphetamine in this batch of goods "the check machine". Taking one after the arrest, police investigators gradually find out the case: since last year, taking a few men from Taiwan transport partnership concealed drugs seized by the police and the exit of goods, goods and seized more than and 280 kilograms of drugs, is composed of several men from Taiwan shipped to a freight forwarding business stalls then, by taking a try to overseas. As the investigation continues, at the beginning of June, the police have found one of the "owner" Panmou (crime group core members) in Dongguan Changping. The police task force rushed to Changping, mocha visited more than and 10 days, an ambush waiting for a long time, in June 16th 19 PM, in a building in Changping town will be the core member of the cross-border drug trafficking gang Panmou arrested, and seized a number of drugs and military grenades 3. Two months later, the police in Shenzhen under the support of the end in the town of Fuyong in the city somewhere to check the gang warehouse inventory, to check the goods is shipped from Fujian and stored here, verified the warehouse is possession of 40 fake wire drawing machine. In late August, the police came to Fujian, two police verified 3 other men from Taiwan’s true identity. 9 days, increase.相关的主题文章: