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The typhoon to autumn winter crab fat fish market in Xiamen / Xiamen market goods filled with wild seafood is full of files, mainly after the wild long long long winter fish meat bucket brachypomum crab crab – Black typhoon, the more they worry about a chowhound: fish and crabs have a dangerous situation, okay? Fishing shelter waves, but also back to the good? The autumn wind is rising, who is the protagonist of the season table? Yesterday, the Herald reporter visited Xiamen throughout the seafood market, after a typhoon short fishing shortage has ended, on the contrary, the typhoon will originally, the situation is not active enough in smooth water fish stir here fertile fishing. And after the Mid Autumn Festival ushered in the best season of crab. According to the Xiamen Dongshan, several captain reflect this winter crab quality is good, the number is enough, fat meat is cheap, when a quarter of Taiwanese people on the table only the protagonist. Goods not? The shortage of short end "Meranti" to disturbance, a few days ago, many people found in Xiamen, visiting the market, the type of fish was significantly reduced. No, typhoon, farmers or damaged, fishing boats back to Hong Kong or avoid fishing hands also can not be dispatched, for a time, the people of Xiamen seafood meal was hungry". It is understood that the evening of 14, after the last batch of fishing into the Xiamen market, the 15 day there are fish to buy, for the consumption of the table for the 16 day significantly reduced. "Two days on the market is really less seafood." Xia and Shang Pu in aquatic products wholesale market manager Xie said, however, although the typhoon is very fierce, the market of Xiamen fishery shortage but only two days, 18 days later, to the East China Sea fishing boats back to Hong Kong from outside, the catch is full, Xiamen people and the lack of fish, seafood supply has completely at present return to the state before the typhoon". Yesterday, the Herald reporter in eighth markets, four lake in the vegetable market to see, seafood to full capacity and return to the wild, mainly goods. Sell seafood more than and 10 years old Chen said in four, typhoon on seafood farmers some influence, these days, the sea bass, yellow fin fish is breeding rare. So, the sea fish and shrimp can be really strong, super typhoon didn’t blow them away. On the contrary, before the sea is too calm, the fish is not active, the typhoon to stir up the sea, really fat fish!" Wuyu seafood Mo said the captain, before and after the typhoon, the fishing boats out to sea, to more than usual. What fish to eat? Autumn Pomfret "because of the variety, fertilizer and reasons after the typhoon affected transportation and so on, these days some ice fish prices edged up slightly to 10%, but they all belong to economic seafood, 10% also two or three dollars, can be ignored." Mo said the captain, recently Pomfret plump, public optional meat fish and brachypomum, white Pomfret prices fell at the beginning of the month, 65 yuan per kilogram, recently between 50-55 yuan. In addition, wild grouper, dogfish quality is also good. Recently, autumn gradually, the cool weather, the cold weather, seaweed will begin to grow, the fish will come from the sea to swim, the number will gradually rise, and the meat is fat." Dongshan Sampan Seafood captain Abang said, fish began to stick autumn fat, seaweed is the bait. Recently, people buy mackerel and minibus Lang fish to be sure, gold is also very ancient fish, fat, second wave season and soon to usher in the next wild perch, hairtail, yellow fin fish, black porgy is also president of fertilizer. Pick what crab? This winter is especially good at the crab island seafood market, the Herald reporter saw,;相关的主题文章: