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Today, Fujian province local rainstorm of typhoon 16 "malakas" external influence by the 16 typhoon malakas external influence, today Fujian province local rainstorm scattered showers, the main effect of the central and northern coastal areas; the three day, the largest wind Fujian, Fujian outside and the Diaoyu Islands Fishing up to 12 ~ 14, 15 ~ 17 gust. "Meranti" just leave me, the sixteenth typhoon this year, "malakas" will follow. Yesterday at 17 o’clock, its center is located in the southeast of Taiwan, Hualian, about 325 kilometers on the sea, near the center of the largest wind has a level of 15 (48 m), the center of the lowest pressure of 94 thousand and 500 PA. Expected, "Maleka" will be the speed of 20 kilometers per hour to move northwest, the intensity gradually increased, up to the strongest typhoon to super typhoon level (15~16, 48~55 M / sec), gradually close to the China Ocean east of Taiwan, grazed the island of Taiwan northeast coast after turning northerly direction, enter in the East China Sea in the East China Sea, and coastal north. According to the current forecast, "Maleka" will not face attack us, just close to the rear steering, but by the external influence, coastal areas will be some wind and rain, especially the northern coastal areas, today have dispersed showers, some have moderate to heavy rain, local heavy rain. Fuzhou local heavy rain to heavy rain. Because of the early "Meranti" effect, the latter precipitation supplement may lead to urban waterlogging, flash floods, landslides, landslides and other geological disasters, some key areas to strengthen vigilance. The wind, the three days by "malakas" influence, the largest wind Fujian, Fujian outside and the Diaoyu Islands Fishing up to 12 ~ 14, 15 ~ 17 gust. Today, my province in northern coastal wind increasing to 7 ~ 8 gust 9, coastal central and Northern Strait to 6 ~ 7 gust 8, South Coast and southern Taiwan Strait 4 ~ 5. Tomorrow, the north and northeast wind channel by 6 ~ 7 gust 8 ~ 9 to 4 ~ 5 grade decreased gust 6 ~ 7, central and southern coastal and the southern northeast wind gust 6 4 ~ 5 ~ 7 grade 3 to grade 4 turned southwest. The day after tomorrow, the province’s coastal and Strait wind gradually increased to 6 ~ 7 gust of class 8. In addition, next week, the ground cold air southward, the temperature dropped, the province of the west, the north will be part of the 3 ~ 4 days, type 23 autumn cold weather, need to pay attention to prevention. According to the Meteorological Department expects today daytime to night, Fuzhou city rain changing to light rain, southeasterly to northerly winds from 3 to 4, temperature 25 to 31 DEG C; tomorrow during the day to night, cloudy to cloudy, northerly winds turn southeast from 2 to 3, temperature 24 to 33 DEG C; the day after day to night, cloudy, north wind turn southeast wind 2 to 3, temperature 23 to 32 DEG C. >相关的主题文章: