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U.S. media: New York again found a homemade explosive device, the pressure cooker bombs – Beijing, Beijing, September 18, according to foreign media reports, local time on the evening of 17, a trash New York District of Manhattan Chelsea community suspected explosive device was put, at the time of the explosion has caused 29 people were injured, including one seriously. Within a few hours after the incident, the police in New York West 27 street to the search for the suspected explosive device second. U.S. media Latest News quoted unnamed sources as saying that the explosive device is made of homemade bombs made of a high pressure cooker, pressure cooker was wrapped around the tape, cloth lead, and found a mobile phone for detonation. Local time on September 17th, the United States, New York, the fire department, said Chelsea, New York District, a garbage bin suspected of being put on the explosive device. April 15, 2013, the Boston marathon was also a homemade bomb attacks, resulting in hundreds of casualties. The explosion was caused by a homemade bomb made of a pressure cooker. The United States of New York downtown Manhattan 17 after the explosion, New York city mayor Baisi Hao arrived at the scene about the incident, said there is no evidence that events associated with terrorist attack. The White House issued a statement that President Obama has been informed of the incident, the Democratic candidate for president Hilary and Republican presidential candidate Trump said about the incident at the time of the incident, Brooke Stein is with his family in the vicinity of the restaurant (Emily Brookstein) to make the whole restaurant explosion shock, she heard a loud noise and saw smoke. In addition, living in the vicinity of Filomena (Soleil Filomena) described the incident very terror, she said at the time the building is like a mushroom cloud of smoke motion, large grinding, and the explosion also caused her ears ringing. When driving through the scene of the explosion of the Mallet (Tsi Tsi Mallett) said? "(explosion) really loud, loud my eardrum also feel pain", she refers to her car window behind the explosion is broken, and when she was 10 years old son is back, but he had no injuries.相关的主题文章: