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Under the stability of hypnosis after 90 girls robbed more than 1 male friends in Shandong caused by the death of a micro – Sohu news Zhang Lin (a pseudonym) in Ji’nan City Intermediate People’s court for trial. (court for map) was born in 1992, Zhang Lin (a pseudonym) appears to be a net clean, it is difficult to put her and the robbers linked together. However, last year, she was arrested on suspicion of robbery by the public security department. The day before, Ji’nan City Intermediate People’s court held a public hearing of the case. Robbed stable under hypnosis, death in the dock Zhang Lin wearing a green T-shirt to a person, she is not tall but pale skin, wearing glasses, some scribble beam in a ponytail. Walking in the street, others may think that this is an ordinary female college students. However, she was in about half the time, the drug in the wine to hypnosis, and then took the opportunity to rob the male friends of micro " " property, also caused one death. It is understood that Zhang Lin is only high school culture, see through to the victim under hypnosis antipsychotic drugs on the Internet, while the victim consciousness or unconsciousness of looting people’s property, through this method they have premeditated robbery. January 12, 2015 at 6 am, the defendant Zhang Lin and the victim was at the age of 26, Zhao Jin (a pseudonym) through WeChat contact, agreed to meet at the McDonald’s near the Shangdong Province-owned Hospital. Later, two people to harmonious Huaiyin District of Ji’nan City Plaza four, Oriental charm KTV singing and drinking. 22 PM that night two people returned to Zhao Jin living after ten Road No. 22232 world Renhe Harmony Hotel, and from the low wine store to buy four bottles of Laoshan beer back to the 8327 room Zhao Jin living drink. During the period, while Zhang Lin Zhao Jin unprepared, 3 pieces of clonazepam in beer bottle. Zhao Jin drank the beer after the confusion, Zhang Lin took the opportunity to one of Zhao Jin’s black lenovo mobile phone (worth 63 yuan), a gold gold peanut Pendant (worth 916 yuan) stolen, looting of property worth a total of 979 yuan. Until about 17 o’clock the next day, the hotel attendants finishing room found the victim Zhao has died. The forensic identification, Zhao Jinxi in the original heart, lung, brain disease on the basis of the combination of chlorine dioxide and alcohol in the acute heart failure. Event review: in January 17, 2015, Zhang Lin was Ji’nan City Public Security Bureau Huaiyin District branch of criminal detention on suspicion of robbery. Approved economic city Huaiyin District People’s Procuratorate, in February 17th of the same year by the Ji’nan Municipal Public Security Bureau Huaiyin District Branch arrest. A total of 6 cases of crime, involving a total of $8565 and this is not the first time Zhang Lin crime. From August 28, 2014 to January 9, 2015, she went to the Shangdong Province-owned Hospital and many other hospitals to buy more than 400 pieces of Clonazepam Tablets. From August 2014 to January 2015, Zhang Lin in Shandong city of Weifang Province, Qingdao City, Ji’nan city for the crime in 6, causing one death, rob the victim, mobile phone pendants, cash and other property, worth a total of RMB 8565 yuan. December 11, 2014, Zhang Lin in Weifang and the victim, Li Tian (a pseudonym) through WeChat contact, meet a bar to drink相关的主题文章: