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Up to 80% star paycheck cost seriously squeezed production resources such as Yi Chuan CNR net Beijing on October 31st news (reporter He Yuan) according to voice of China "peak Evening News" reported, has been part of the star took hundreds of millions or even billions of "astronomical paycheck" phenomenon, the party suffered criticism. Insiders, now mainland star took a paycheck, the maximum can reach 50% to 80% of the total cost of work, seriously squeezed the production resources. For example, in August this year on TV "such as" Yi, male and female in one fell swoop took $150 million. In the film industry promotion law during the second trial, many members should be made in the draft of the fee limit reflected. But from today’s draft draft three reviewers can be seen, there is no hard to make this provision. At present, China’s film industry causes the high price paid in the end is what? The draft is not mandatory, but also for what kind of consideration? A famous "popular actors list" shows that some popular stars, offered billions of dollars not what happens, the lowest fee is 25 million. Some of the actor’s paycheck is able to rise several times in a short period of time, for example, in 2014 a single episode paycheck actor is 100 thousand yuan, in 2015 rose to 400 thousand, the 30 episode TV series is 12 million. Director Lu Chuan said that if you really can not afford to use all the stars, it is possible to take away 1/3 of the cost of production. A lot of film and television industry worries, star high paycheck will lead to serious production funds occupied, extrusion and other staff writers, later income, even lead to the overall quality of the film and television works decline. Hongkong director Wu Siyuan said that most of the movie fee has been removed in half, some even 60, 70%, only making fewer resources. Asking for a higher price paid, raise the finished film and television drama production, but did not hold office at the same time. The summer of this year, the 86 film total credit of 8 billion 446 million yuan, down 10%; national box office 1 billion 567 million, fell 15%. But many of them took the price paid the luxury star film. Now the young audience is the main consumption of film and television industry, the fan effect will enlarge star individual contribution to the work of market share; on the other hand, a lot of capital into the mainland film market, not bad money, investors will naturally have market appeal for actors. Communication University of China professor Dai Qing said, these are the reasons for the high star paycheck. In the movie promotion bill second, there are a number of members of the National People’s Congress called for governance "price paid". For example, in the legal level, clear fee on the production costs accounted for more than the limit etc.. According to the reporter, the discussion in the three reviewers and written comments, according to the "fee limit" reflected in the draft, experts and practitioners had a thorough discussion, decided not to make specific provisions. Yin Hong, executive vice president of the school of Journalism and communication, Tsinghua University, to participate in the discussion of the draft amendment to explain, if not implemented, the authority of the law itself has an impact. Very difficult to judge相关的主题文章: