US company accused the French government of demanding the sale of the Titanic beef怎么读�

The US company accused the French government ordered the Titanic relics sale rights Beijing – [global network reporter Zhao Yizhen reported] according to Radio France international August 24th quoted Agence France-Presse reported that 1 American bankruptcy company has thousands of salvage from the Titanic artifacts of their day prior to the French government to sue, hope to sell some of the items. First Exhibitions (Premier) filed a lawsuit in the U.S. federal bankruptcy court in Florida, and put pressure on the French government to clarify that they are not interested in these items sold by the company. The lawsuit was established in August 17th in the city of Jackson, USA. In July, the judge rejected the first exhibition company to sell some of the salvaged goods, including jewelry and clothing, in order to repay the creditor. But the judge ruled that the French government still has some rights to the first batch of 2100 artifacts. According to reports, these items in 1987 by the first exhibition company’s subsidiaries, as well as the French Institute of marine development from the Titanic salvaged. The first exhibition company held commercial exhibition and display from the Titanic remove the items, financial distress. The Titanic 1912 maiden voyage, hit an iceberg and sank, killing about 1500 people buried in the cold north atlantic.相关的主题文章: