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Hair-Loss Most of the males above the age of fifty suffer from the problem of baldness. It can also occur to people of younger age, due to hereditary problem or hormonal imbalance. Sometimes the problem of baldness starts in the teenage only and causes great deal of embarrassment and lack of confidence in the person suffering from it. Baldness problem makes a person asocial and ruins his appearance making him look much older than his age. Such people have to life with great stress and depression due to the condition of baldness. Although baldness problem is more .mon among males some women also suffer from it. The problem of baldness arises when due to some reasons the natural phenomenon of hair growth in the follicles is interrupted. Our hair are made up of a protein called Keratin which is produced in the follicles throughout their life cycle and continuously pushed outwards. This phenomenon is also known as growth. On an average the rate of growth of strands in humans is 6-8 inches per year. There are various reasons which can cause baldness; some of the most .mon reasons are stress, physical strain, hormonal imbalance,and illness like thyroid problem or medications like chemotherapy for cancer, lack of nutritious diet, allergy to some product, dandruff or dermatitis. There are various natural remedies to baldness which can be helpful if the problem is noticed in early stages itself. To prevent or slow the baldness problem, one should have a proper nutritious diet rich in protein and iron. Meditation and exercise also helps to regulate blood circulation in all body parts including scalp and also reduce stress. Regular hot oil massage with some natural oils helps to soothe the hair follicles and rejuvenates them thus improving their functioning and life cycle. Some natural ingredients like green tea, Aloe vera, Awla, Reethaetc are very effective in curing the hair fall problem if applied directly to the scalp. Apart from the natural remedies mentioned above, the best solution for those who suffer from baldness or thinning is, Rapid hair fiber. Rapid hair fiber is a .pletely natural product made up of charged keratin fibers. One just needs to shake his hair with his hands and sprinkle rapid hair fiber on the head. Within moments the fibers will interlink with our natural strands strongly and form a thick growth of hair. It will .pletely conceal thinning strand sand bald patches. The rapid hair fiber is very easy to use and takes very less time to put on. It lasts long and can even stay through rains or winds. The best thing about it is that it has no side effects and anybody can use it. It is .pletely undetectable and lasts long even through rain and sweat. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: