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Virtual operators chaos has nothing to do with "market failure" – Sohu – technology infrastructure operators as long as the statements of a school decline rates, virtual operators will be zero upside down, get the wholesale price even higher than the retail price. Due to the spate of telecommunications fraud due to the death of students suffered tragedy, telecommunications fraud was pushed to the spotlight. Spearhead, is commonly used in the fraud section 170171, and behind the virtual operators. Data show that in the near future malicious fraud messages, nearly 44% from paragraph 170171. Virtual operator business, is considered to be the focus of harassing phone calls and fraud calls. The Xu Yuyu incident fraud number is derived from virtual operators far special communication, however, the number has been registered and approved by the Ministry of industry. Nevertheless, the virtual operators are not reliable public impression is still solid, which was interpreted as "market failure". To be sure, for virtual operators will be more stringent regulation. Virtual operators first launched in 1999 in the United Kingdom, the purpose is to promote competition in the telecommunications industry, to prevent oligopoly market monopoly and collusion pricing. At the end of December 2013, our ministry issued the first batch of mobile communications resale business (commonly known as the "virtual operator") pilot approval. This is seen as a major change in the telecommunications industry, because private capital, for the first time really into the state-owned monopoly industry. The media reports, often "subversion operators" such words, "an operator executives quit message virtual operators" is constantly exposed, seems to be the three operators routed irrevocably, and private capital and the Internet thinking, will again "remodeling" of an industry. At that time, virtual operators are labeled "catfish" label, hoping it can activate the telecom market; zero monthly, virtual operators launched free roaming traffic is not cleared and other new tariff models, it prompted the infrastructure operators to make some changes. But on the whole, most of the virtual operators are poor development, but in a short time, the label has been replaced by public opinion liar". Objectively, the virtual operator name made is not good enough, even if the real name registration also often have a lot of phone cards more in name than in reality, prior to sale, it has completed the name binding, such "raise card" unspoken rule, let the real name system into a vacant state. But think about it, telecommunications fraud is only two years before the emergence of it? Before the emergence of virtual operators, telecommunications fraud may not be? Also, often from abroad to repatriate those transnational telecommunications fraud, with the number of domestic virtual operators? I have washed for virtual operators, just want to emphasize the fact that virtual operators are not enough to memorize all the blame. If we reflect on the Xu Yuyu incident, only virtual operators of the real name system is not in place, the telecom fraud can almost be said to be unscathed. For example, personal information leakage, which allows scammers to implement precise fraud. Also, how the financial system is smooth graft telecommunications fraud? Now virtual operators, in fact, is the entity’s operators, they are part of the contract from the three basic operators of communications networks相关的主题文章: