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Wang Chenjin: OPEC monthly awesome responses to oil won strong support of clients view the latest market last week during the G20 summit in Russia’s energy minister Novak (AlexanderNovak) and the Saudi oil minister al Falih (Khalidal-Falih) during the G20 summit issued a joint statement said, it is necessary to suppress the excessive volatility of crude oil market, to support global economic growth and stability. In the end, the two ministers agreed to take joint action with other oil producers to stabilize the price of crude oil. This news, the price was soaring, but considering the actual production of frozen, such as increasing production effect of fault factors, analysts are not cold, it was also the high price of oil is not maintained at a high level, one of the reasons and then fall down. When people reach agreement is not reported when frozen produce too much hope on the OPEC oil producers, OPEC monthly data released, a strong support for oil prices to pick up: Beijing time on Monday (September 12th), a monthly report released by OPEC, OPEC crude oil production in August fell 23 thousand barrels to 33 million 240 thousand barrels a day. August, according to Saudi Arabia reported a daily output of 42 thousand and 700 barrels last month to reduce to 10 million 630 thousand barrels. August, according to the daily output reported in Iran increased by 10 thousand barrels to 3 million 630 thousand barrels. Monthly report is expected 2016 global oil demand will rise by 1 million 230 thousand barrels to 94 million 270 thousand barrels a day. At the same time, also lowered the 2017 demand for OPEC crude oil 530 thousand barrels to 32 million 480 thousand barrels a day, maintaining global crude oil demand growth in 2017 was unchanged at 1 million 150 thousand barrels. Monthly report also expects 2017 global oil supply surplus of 760 thousand barrels per day. The January report gave the strongest support for oil prices! Monday (September 12th), the New York Mercantile Exchange in October WTI crude oil futures prices rose 0.41 U.S. dollars a barrel, or 0.9%, to close at $46.29 a barrel, but intraday fell $45 a barrel mark. The price of crude oil on Monday, most of the time intraday low pressure shock, and beauty in the oil pan was deep exploration to $44.72 a barrel and an original Brent low, also once fell 47 U.S. dollars a barrel mark. Ninggui asphalt from the current daily form, the current Bollinger necking to run on the market run in the Bollinger band rail line. The last trading day in charge with a long under the shadow of the sun line. Above the top hit the 4480 line, the lowest hit near the bottom of 4310. From the current situation, the current average of 5 days to 10 days on the run, 30, 60 and 120 average, four average and 4360 line at gather bonding operation. From the point of view below the drawings indicators MACD 0 axis crossing will be formed, two lines appear to run up the situation. The green kinetic column below. KDJ three line was to run on the line from the four hours trend appeared; the current Bollinger necking running up the market run in the Bollinger band rail line. After the last trading day to evening plate, line four hours for two full sun column shape, and a slightly under the shadow of the Yin column.相关的主题文章: