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VR want to attract game player? It has Sohu technology editor’s note: for game player, achievement system is a very important part in the game, but the plane of wall seems to make people have no interest in. But in the VR era, some have become three-dimensional and true, then there are a few VR developers or peripheral companies aware of the importance of this? Here are some of UploadVR’s old drivers. Let me take you back in the history of PlayStation: back in time to 2007, Sony has just announced its PlayStation Home service were eventually aborted. At that time, the implementation of such services on the host is indeed controversial – PlayStation Home is not a game, but to meet with friends, custom virtual image and decoration of their apartment virtual scene. I have to admit that I was racking my brains to think about the significance of such an experience, but I did find an interesting point – achievement showroom. (PlayStation Home Promo: portal) at that time, Sony has not made a response to the high popularity of Xbox system. I first saw it, it is not only used for Sony against Xbox, is a strange concept, imagine you have a 3D showroom, which is filled with every kind of achievements you made in the game, these show off to friends, isn’t that great? It’s a good idea to motivate people to explore in PlayStation to get more achievements. Unfortunately, despite the fact that Sony went on line with its achievement system, the system did not fully integrate the essence of the above ideas. It suddenly occurred to me that Oculus didn’t get the idea into the achievement system. Oculus, the VR expert in the last week on the line of their own game achievement system, Rift and Gear VR, most of the game has been added to the. Now if an online gaming ecosystem for the virtual game player can make achievements, addicted and competitive, then it is not a real online game ecosystem, so to see the integration of Oculus into the achievements system, finally let people sigh. This system can be integrated into Gear VR is also a huge progress. I reached PS4 in achievement and I always wanted to forget be too numerous to enumerate, although these achievements. In recent years, I have completed the achievements of the two games, Transistor and MGSV, compared with the past I reached more than 60 PS3, a lot less than. For me, the achievement system has not been too attractive, if they are only a small list of tasks in the icon, then the achievements of the system may never turn.相关的主题文章: