Wei Fan starred in the color fan fan wanted to renew the front with Zhi Ling-9c8950

Wei Fan "character in" Fan Jin and Zhi Ling want to rekindle the intern Chihiro Chenxuan Wen Zhang Dawei camera Sina entertainment news on September 22nd, the twenty-fifth session of the film festival, the film "Fan4 jin4 Zhongju" conference held in Tangshan. The movie starring Wei Fan [micro-blog], Chupin representative Ying Da attended the event, Wei Fan said he would "character in" van into a corner, was asked to co actress, Wei Fan bluntly hope and Zhi Ling sister again "movie" the fate of Taoist mountain. From the movie "Wei Fan" after the priests down, has been away from the big screen for a year. We have starred in "I am not Pan Jinlian", "Fan4 jin4 Zhongju", Wei Fan said 2016 will be a year of their pay and harvest. As the movie "Fan4 jin4 Zhongju" of the protagonist, Wei Fan jokes that he is "the character appeared, because the fan into this role and they have many similarities, such as close to the age, is more than and 50 years old; all surnamed fan, can be regarded as the surname clan; character are" pedantic "; also after school road of course, hard, he did not like him mad. Wei Fan also said that the film "Fan4 jin4 Zhongju" content will pay more attention to the character of these fan before and after the psychological state, and changes in the people around fan into the psychology and behavior before and after the move, in order to highlight the theme of human nature. As for the film "Fan4 jin4 Zhongju" heroine, is also in the movie fan’s wife in a corner, Wei Fan did not disclose the specific candidates, but expressed the hope that the majority of users to solicit opinions, so that the majority of users together for the Fan Jinxuan daughter-in-law benefit by mutual discussion. Asked to want to cooperate with the actress, Wei Fan bluntly hope to continue with her sister Zhi Ling movie monk down the fate. Said Wei Fan on the comedy movie box office Changhong view, comedy movie is popular comedian’s blessing, the actors deal with comedy in awe, do every work must conscientiously, very careful. The movie "Fan4 jin4 Zhongju" as a screenwriter by screenwriter Li Weizhi Li Tingting and screenwriter female father, said the literary works of "Fan4 jin4 Zhongju" to the big screen is not only to pay tribute to the classic, must be integrated into the current sensitive topic in the film, such as fan cram, test cheat and other content, add elements of comedy film at the same time, more closely on the current audience attention social phenomenon, point out problems. It is reported that the film "Fan4 jin4 Zhongju" adapted from the Qing Dynasty novelist Wu Jingzi created this satirical novel. Through depicting the fan in a tree in the examination, depicts Fan Jin for the imperial examination of joy mad image and epididymitis trend, the fickleness of the world shameful social atmosphere, the characteristics of society and its dark time on the irony. (Intern Zhang Dawei Wen Wen Chihiro Chenxuan (camera) commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: