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Small Business If you don’t pay attention to what customers are saying about the Bed & Breakfast industry then you can’t expect to be successful in that market. There are too many bed & breakfast locations that have had to close their doors because they didn’t make a profit. The owner’s were disappointed and dismayed because they worked hard to offer a quality location with excellent food. What they didn’t realize though is that customers are looking for much more than that from a bed & breakfast. Make sure everyone of your guests feels wel.e from the second they talk to you. Many people call a bed & breakfast to make a reservation instead of doing it online so that they can talk to a real person. If they don’t feel like they are important during that phone conversation then they are likely not going to proceed with booking it. They want their experience at a bed & breakfast to be personal and enjoyable. They aren’t going to spend their money in it if they don’t think they are going to get it. It is a good idea to stay at various bed & breakfast locations yourself. Pay attention to what it working well for you and what is missing. This will teach you areas that you need to focus on for your own bed & breakfast business. Interact with other guests and find out what they like or don’t like about their experience there as well. Get first hand experience on your own about bed & breakfast hospitality. Choose a handful of them in various areas and spend a night or two. You will quickly learn what it is like to be the customer instead of the owner of a bed & breakfast. This will give you a first hand experience to observe what works well and what is just not in place like it should be. Talking to other guests at the bed & breakfast locations you visit will give you even further insight into the issue. Of course you don’t want to tell the owner’s of the bed & breakfasts or the guests why you are really there. One .mon .plaint that you will find with the blogs and forums from customers is that they feel the human element is missing from many bed & breakfast establishments. The place may be well decorated and in a great location but it is run like a business. They want something very personal and that is why they didn’t stay in a hotel. Make sure you warmly greet every customer that .es to your bed & breakfast. Your sincerity is very important and they will feel .fortable staying with you. They want to feel like guests in your home, not just customers that have .e to spend the night. Customers want to be able to get all of their needs met when they go to a bed and breakfast. Make sure you offer them all the possible amenities you can. For example they may need access to a .puter but they didn’t travel with a laptop. You can make one available for guests to us. Going the extra mile to provide them with a ride somewhere or with ironing their clothing perhaps can really mean a lot to your guests. Always follow up with those that have stayed at your bed & breakfast. You want to build a quality relationship with them so that they will stay again in the future. You also want them to re.mend your location to other people. There is a good chance they will mention your bed & breakfast online too in the forums and blogs. You want that information to be very positive as it is free advertising for you. When you follow up with your guests, thank them for staying at your bed & breakfast. Ask them to evaluate their stay as well so you can find out where you stand with your customers. Pay close attention to .mon issues that will affect their choice to stay at your bed and breakfast. Consumers want something that is going to be affordable, clean, friendly staff members, and easy to get to. The location of a bed & breakfast is going to impact the amount of guests you get. Knowing what customers want from a bed & breakfast is one of the best ways you can help ensure the success of your business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: