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What is your company making: OR? – Sohu technology comes with Greylock partner Sarah Tavel. Sarah was a senior executive at Pinterest, and her insights about the product have been well thought out for the past 5 years. Founders want to find products that are just needed, but what if they don’t need to be treated? All you have to do is turn vitamins into addictive drugs. People often describe consumer products as as either painkillers (need to have) or vitamins ("nice to have"). People often put the consumer product description for painkillers (just) or vitamin ("good"). Painkillers are products that address existing needs pain points. Companies selling painkillers harvest demand the prospects are already searching; for someone to fix their problem and take their money. A lot of businesses that got built on PPC were painkillers. For example, Diaperswas a painkiller for parents who urgently needed diapers but didn t have time to get ‘them. People turned to Google for a painkiller, and Diapersaddressed that pain with brilliant overnight delivery. Another great painkiller is Uber. Getting around San Francisco was a giant pain in the butt until Uber came around. The second I heard about it I (and countless others) downloaded it. to solve the existing painkillers are the pain points of the product. Pin.相关的主题文章: