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UnCategorized Luxor is possibly the second most popular city in Egypt, though it is relatively small in terms of population. As you search through numerous Egypt budget tours and luxury tours, you will no doubt find many options that offer to take you to Luxor. What Should You Look for in the Luxor Area? First realize that Luxor is divided by several districts that tend to "group" all of the attractions. First, there is the East Bank (which refers to the location from the Nile River). This area includes some major temple and museum sites as well as the town of Luxor and various hotels, restaurants and train stations. Next, there’s the West Bank location, which offers the ruins of the city. What will You be Doing in Luxor? If you’re in the East Bank section then you will want to see the Luxor Museum, as well as the Luxor Temple and Temple of Karnak. The latter is a particularly interesting attraction as it is a vast assemblage of various temples, chapels and pylons. If you are traveling to West Bank then you can see major ruin sites like the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Queens. The Valley of the Kings contains over 63 tombs and chambers dedicated to ancient Pharaohs of the past. You can find some B.C. era artifacts and construction here so it’s well worth a stop on any tours to Egypt. There are also other things to do on the best tours in Luxor, including more active features like biking around Ancient Thebes. It’s great and fun exercise to walk the Valley of the Queens and Valley of the Kings, with a small desert in between them. You can also ride a felucca at sunset for a brief period of time, or take a felucca ride for a couple of days as you journey through the Nile River and up to Aswan. Is there anything you should know about Luxor guided tours before going? Know that it is a safe area for vacationing, even if you’re from Western parts. Upper Egypt is much safer than Middle Egypt, though the danger in even Middle Egypt has been exaggerated. That said, it’s best to come to Egypt in groups of friends, so you minimize any individual risk – just as you would do in America or anywhere in Europe when heading to big cities. Also remember that many merchants in Luxor are aggressive, if still friendly. Luxor tours are very exciting and are a must-see for vacationers in Egypt. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: