Why do Hsu Chi and Gong Li love this Jimmy Choo handbag masa-c

Why do Hsu Chi and Gong Li love this Jimmy Choo handbag? A lot of people talk about Jimmy Choo can always think of is Jimmy Choo high heels, especially in the "from the stars you" after how many people in order to a pair of Jimmy Choo high heels robbed his head! But today I want to introduce the Jimmy Choo is also a hot single product, handbags! When it comes to jimmy choo handbags will have to mention the star’s favorite REBEL series, including the famous actress Hsu Chi, Gong Li and Hollywood actress Jessica Alba and so are its fans. Hsu Chi Jimmy Choo REBEL Jessica Alba back Jimmy Choo REBEL handbag back back Jimmy Choo REBEL Gong Li Handbag Brown handbag in the REBEL series, Jimmy Choo launched the Rebel Soft series of handbags in 2015, this handbag style simple and very practical, was launched by the many star of love, Song Jia, Wang Likun are carrying it a street. Song Jia back Jimmy Choo Soft handbag Choo back Jimmy Rebel Soft handbags 2016 Jimmy Choo Rebel series has launched a very cute Rebel Soft mini series in. Square design so that the handbag with a neutral and strong taste, filling the "REBEL" characteristics. Handbag metal buttons, very symbolic brand classic. Black leather handbag with a little taste of nostalgia of metal buttons, sporadic enviable simple cold. In the popular what small fashion circle, Rebel Soft mini series was launched on the popular, whether it is a star out of the street or on the show have to carry this handbag. Simple appearance, changeable color all-match styles are very popular favorite fashion trendsetter. Dongyu Zhou in the "we love it" in the second quarter back Jimmy Choo Rebel Mini handbags and meet with Shawn Yue Soft. Lin Yun a little black dress with Jimmy Choo Rebel Soft Mini red fine style handbags let the whole body shape is immediately bright, black belt and the clothes on the handbag echoes just perfect. As a Jimmy Choo Rebel Soft Mini red handbag with Wang Ou fine style of this group of young girl full flavor shape is also very stylish, easy styling with lovely ball head and Mini Handbag more lovely feeling. Very suitable for girls to go shopping when the back oh. Zhang Yuqi white hollow gown is actually more formal dress, light coffee color Jimmy Choo Rebel Soft Mini Handbag colors generous and all-match metal chain, more whole body shape points! Even if the formal occasion with such a bag is not a sense of decency..相关的主题文章: