Why do the people who run the same line cross the gap zibba

The same people starting line, why the days but across the greater the gap between the reason of this post, one is inspired by the "financial wealth" this topic, two is to look at the flowers posted about her three sister’s story touched me. In fact, in life, can play a life circle, the intersection of dense population, many of which are in the same starting line began to live, but because of personal character, fate and the different way of life, we have a gap between the economic level. A female, their family, married very successful. The couple are career preparation, stable work, moderate level of income. In the end of every family is very good, there is real money before the demolition, two people get married, gave her a house for her. After marriage, they can control not only wages, all the rent to them. Even so, the two people’s economic situation has not changed much. To be honest, a woman a little vanity, some people, popular, good-looking, regardless of whether they have money, they have to buy, there is no money to borrow other people’s credit card brush. His daughter, her tuition should be posted. Two years ago, the couple to wards. I have no money with her, in no way, they sell to a school district room. We did not sell the house to buy, but a couple of people bought a Audi. The rest of the money, part of the female a in their own name to buy a very small facade room (the truth is not too good location), part of her husband to do private lending. Look at this year’s prices rose, sold by A. Look at colleagues and friends for a house, buy a new house, and she also cried every day to change the house, to buy a big house in the rich area, but with their economic situation of two, there is still a long distance from this goal. B female, her husband and her family conditions are good, the overall economic situation after marriage with a female almost, perhaps not as good as a female, because two people do not gnaw old. B married woman and her husband to discuss the sale of the marriage room, in the development potential of the larger area to buy a small area but the developers and the reputation of a good house property. Two people after marriage is actually not so much in the female a subsidies, but the couple are trying to. B husband not only read a graduate student, but also take the initiative to exercise at the grassroots level. B women also love fashion, like to dress up, but not necessarily buy brand-name, and occasionally buy some luxury. This year, two people think the child is big, the house is not enough to live, but also consider the wards. Because before the house is good in all aspects, this is a lot more than investment. Sell the house, two people in the room in the same area. They also through to see the house, bought a suburban villa, enjoy retirement. C female married economic status is not as good as before two, but the couple C female have been very motivated, but also have financial awareness. C is a unit of the employer, wages and personnel in the compilation of a relatively large gap, but her husband is a good salary. The couple because the baby is on the primary school, the school district room began to consider the problem. They sold the marriage room, in the B District next door to the daughter of a loan to buy a 130+ school district room, both to meet the needs of children to school, but also to meet their own needs to improve the living environment. It is worth mentioning that the couple’s balance rate is very high, money is in no hurry to do the loan, financing and investment, usually.相关的主题文章: