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Why don’t love baby milk, finally understand – I have Sohu maternal baby 5 months, recently always can’t suck, too annoying, if it delayed the growth of the children how to do? The doctor said that the baby may be entered into the fed milk period, as long as the right method is not worry about the baby growing problem. The first time I heard the word "fed milk period", but the doctor said that it can be solved, and we share the doctor taught several coup. The baby fed milk there are three main forms: 1, physiological period, fed milk baby 2 3 month old infants will be reduced, but the baby health no strange. This is mainly in the 2 and 3 months before the breast is a reflex action, as long as give milk to drink, but then according to the actual needs and the appetite to adjust body milk, so food may be less. 4-6 months later, the baby’s sense of the more mature, the curiosity of the external environment, the "eat" began to distraction, which is the main reason for tired of milk. In addition, this stage is the baby began to add complementary food, unprecedented diversity, if you baby you will be distracted, not a quack…… 2, psychological dislike milk period baby eating environment is too noisy with the baby grow up, the nervous system will gradually mature. Among them, the performance of interest in the outside world gradually increased. If the baby is eating, the parents’ move or other sounds may divert the baby’s attention. So, when the baby to eat, parents can also eat or chew their own food, such as chewing gum, etc., in order to guide the baby to chew. The baby to drink milk or eat, the parents had better not talk or do other actions, so that the baby can concentrate on eating. The difference in the taste of food is large the baby will be born as soon as possible after receiving breast milk or formula feeding. But in the baby 3-4 months, a lot of parents will give the baby to add fruit juice, calcium and other flavor than breast milk or formula milk a lot of liquid, and these liquids are also fed through the bottle. This is very easy to cause confusion baby. Why the same bottle of liquid to eat, there will be such a difference in taste. To taste some baby development, they will choose to avoid milk feeding, and wait for the juice taste heavy feeding process. 3, in addition to pathological fed milk baby fed milk, but also other abnormalities, such as: the corresponding disturbed sleep, poor spirit, easy crying routine and fever, vomiting, diarrhea and other diseases, then it may be the pathological fed milk. Pathological fed milk is generally associated with acute and chronic diseases, such as acute pharyngitis, oral thrush, causing pain, will make babies eat less suddenly. Acute respiratory tract infections, causing nasal obstruction, no ventilation babies suck milk, milk or epiglottis. There is acute gastroenteritis, urinary tract infection caused by abdominal pain, have a fever, baby crying. One of the most serious cases of milk contamination is a baby with septicemia. If you find the baby in addition to anorexia, abdominal distension, vomiting, fever or shortness of breath, poor vitality, etc., should immediately seek medical treatment. How to help your baby through the milk.相关的主题文章: