Why invest in the postal savings bank Soros bears several advantages invincible denka

Why is Soros bears several advantages: the postal savings bank investment invincible U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Ran Xuedong warrants in September 28th, the postal savings bank listed in Hongkong, the opening and the IPO pricing agreement, finally closed at HK $4.77, up 0.21% all day long. Because of the postal savings bank has important significance in rural China and the development of county economy, so the level of care are listed. The postal savings bank in IPO stage, there are 6 state-owned institutions as cornerstone investors, including state-owned shipbuilding enterprises China shipbuilding industry group to subscribe for 3 billion 423 million shares; Shanghai international port for 3 billion 349 million h; HNA capital subscribed $1 billion; $300 million for the national grid; in the state through the subscription of $150 million and Chinese the Great Wall asset management subsidiary of the Great Wall Plaza International investment subscribed $100 million. In the middle of the price range of the offering, the six cornerstone investors accounted for about 75% of the total issued, involving approximately HK $45 billion. Some of the media reports, the postal savings bank IPO not only has the "national team" escort, foreign investors also called luxury lineup, including the United States, the European Investment Fund Wellington UBS family and the Soros foundation, Shao capital, Albright capital, Millennium foundation etc.. Foreign institutions were placing $1 billion 360 million, accounting for 55.1% of total foreign investment funds. It is not unusual for China’s big state-owned banks to list overseas, but it is surprising that the name of the Soros fund appears on the list of investors. Presumably many people still remember Soros on several occasions Chinese banking bad debts issued a warning: in January this year, Soros said at the Davos forum, Chinese may experience a hard landing, the Fed rate hike is a mistake, so the person will short S & P 500 index and the Asian currency. In April this year, Soros participated in the Asian Association in New York, said China’s credit growth in the wake of the alert in March. China’s debt driven economic approach, similar to the 2007, 2008, before the financial crisis in the United states. "The growth of debt sooner or later into the uncontrolled situation." Soros said, it will reach a turning point, even if it is later than expected". It is clear that Soros’s attitude is based on his overall judgment on the future of China’s macroeconomic. But now why Soros choose to invest in the postal savings bank? It is reported that as of March 31, 2016, the postal savings bank total assets, total deposits and total loans amounted to 77076 yuan, 67324 billion billion yuan and 26658 yuan, respectively ranked fifth, fifth and seventh in the commercial banks in Chinese. The biggest feature is the postal savings bank loan not only save (this is slightly exaggerated, because the postal savings bank in recent years also do some small loans), which leads to its asset structure is very hot color: Chinese other commercial banks rely on loans, and the sections of the postal savings bank assets is based on treasury bonds, policy bank financial institutions debt based financial investment assets. At the end of March this year, the proportion is as high as 37.8%, while the total amount of loans accounted for only 3 of total assets相关的主题文章: