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Why is Obama a "hit" by Congress? In September 28th, Obama was a "blow" — Congress the Senate and House majority to overturn his veto of a bill, so that "9· 11" terrorist attack victims in the United States federal court sued the government of Saudi arabia. Obama lost the "decisive battle" the official name is "justice act against terrorism sponsors act" (Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, referred to as JASTA). According to the practice of international law, the sovereign state government should not become the object of civil or criminal litigation, which is the "national sovereignty immunity". The main point of the JASTA is that the United States suffered local terrorist attacks in the United States, can be sued for any foreign government to support terrorist attacks, that does not recognize the exemption of state sovereignty". Because of the implementation of the "9· 11" attack, there are 19 people in Saudi Arabia, and the United States, many people think that the Saudi government and some Saudi officials, secretly support the planning of "9· 11" Al qaeda. So the "foreign government" in this bill is actually the Saudi government. Passage of the bill, which means that in the eyes of the United States, Saudi Arabia no longer national sovereignty exemption". The bill was first introduced in 2009, but there was little progress in Congress for a long time, and it was not until the 2015 that the U.S. Congress was keen to discuss the bill. This year is the 15 anniversary of the attack on the 9·, the ""; plus the election year, the discussion of the bill is rapidly warming. The United States Senate in May agreed to the bill, opposition to the bill Obama administration believes that Congress may not discuss this bill, did not expect "9· 11" terrorist attack 15 anniversary, house speaker Paul · Ryan met with the families of the victims, to speed up the process, then through the house bill. According to the laws of the United States, both houses passed the bill sent to the president will become law, but the president can veto. After the president’s veto, if the parliament decides to review, and then the 2/3 house and Senate passed the bill, then a presidential veto is invalid, the bill will become law. At that time Obama vetoed the bill, Congress decided to review. At that time the media has said that this is the United States Court battle between the "". The result is the Senate to the house in 97:1, 348:77 was again by a heavy blow, Obama suffered media called "". The atmosphere of Obama’s election year against the bill, there are two reasons: one is if the law does not recognize the "sovereign immunity", then other countries can not recognize the United States immunity, sued the U.S. government for the same reason, when the United States is how to do? Two Saudi Arabia is an important ally of the United States in the Middle East, strongly opposed to this bill, if the bill becomes law, it is bound to affect the relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia, thus affecting the United States in the Middle East, "one"相关的主题文章: