Why is the Song Dynasty imitation bronze Gu will appear in Qinghai-aspack

Why is the Song Dynasty imitation bronze goblet will appear in the original title: Qinghai Qinghai Guide discovered the Song Dynasty bronze Gu "people’s street antique shop business Hu boss is my longtime friend, he knows I like ancient bronzes, in May this year, he went to Guide to play, accidentally from a horse to a wash hands copy of the Shang and Zhou bronze gu." The more than and 80 year old Cui father holding a baby into the community "weekly" Sun treasure column, for your appreciation. This is a wine and a bronze goblet is prevalent in the Shang and Zhou dynasties, and this bronze Gu was a man in the Song Dynasty, modeled on the artisan production of the Shang and Zhou dynasties. This bronze goblet is 21 cm high, 12.5 cm diameter mouth, foot 9.5 cm in diameter, protruding middle waist has carved bronze goblet volumes and Taotie, rounded eyes, eyebrows raised, this is typical of the Shang and Zhou decoration, copper zinc alloy material appeared but the foundry is after Song Dynasty. After a long time after oxidation showed color glaze in millet, no signs of erosion, it is enough to have hundreds of years of history handed down a judgment from. The surface of the engraved bronze Gu meaning three line nine character to express is a reminder for the king; let go of the conquest of heart, in order to keep plowing the fields, mountains, the western plateau territory. Gu was Chinese ancient people the earliest drinking utensils, when used only for the nobility, ordinary people are not able to see, most of them are used as the emperor after the death of the funerary objects, engraved with the inscription of the most precious. This bronze Gu gained some historical information and the social background from the inscriptions, has certain cultural value and supporting information. According to the records of "history of Qinghai", from 1099 to 1104, the Northern Song Dynasty political power has taken control of the Hehuang region, "Shan State" to "Xining", ie Xining, Xining this is the place names in the history of our country, then a large number of troops and immigrants in Eastern Qinghai reclamation wasteland, speculation this is the historical period of bronze Gu’s legacy, may also is the Central Plains region into the ritual, also need experts for further identification, but no matter how, this bronze goblet will appear in the Qinghai County of Guide, illustrates the Hehuang region culture heritage of deep. Author: Dawn source: Xining Evening News相关的主题文章: