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Software Server Monitor Software is one of the base component of Server Management. Because Server also requires someone and something to continuously monitor the status of Managed Server Management. Performance secret of Windows Server comes with the right tools should use by Administrator. In Market everyday new Server Monitoring and Management tools are coming and its hard to decide which one is best. And you are looking for complete solution to monitor your Windows Server Management. Then the answer of your Question is use Admin Town Windows Server Monitor to check the Performance and Status of your Server Management System. Admin Town Windows Server Monitor is all in one solution to all your networking problems because it just not only monitor your server management but also sends alerts to your cell phone and e-mail. AT Server Monitor will closely monitor your servers and notify you of failures or performance problems and instantly notify you to minimize business impact. Powerful, Simple, Elegant AT Server Monitor is a powerful utility that can save you time and money making sure your critical application and services are always available. Simple software design requires no manuals to read, setup process only takes a few minutes at the most. Elegant intuitive interface stays out of your way while providing monitoring in the background with very little footprint. AT Server Monitor gives IT administrator the ability to pro actively monitor critical health and performance parameters such as Windows Services, CPU usage, Disk Usage and Memory Usage. Alerts are sent instantly to one or more email addresses or to cell phones. ITA Monitor works on all Windows platforms. Application is very easy to install and configure. Unlike other applications AT Monitor is unique and more efficient since it gets instant event driven information directly from the operating system. AT Server Monitor provides intelligent monitoring tools to help prevent server outages. Deploy and configure it in minutes. Server reboot is not required. With AT Server Monitor, you’ll always know the status of your Server Management, no matter where you are. AT Server Monitor is a utility that all Microsoft Windows Administrators will find it extremely useful. Keep your servers running and users productive. Get summary reports in email. Here are list of additional functionality of AT windows server monitor: CPU utilization: Constantly monitor CPU utilization. For example: If CPU is at 80% or more for 5 or minutes send an alert Memory utilization: Watch your memory usage. If memory utilization reaches pre defined limit send an alert Disk Utilization: Actively monitors all logical disks on your server. For example: if free space on C drive reaches 500 MB send an alert To take the free trial of Admin Town Windows Server Monitor visit: ..admintown.. 相关的主题文章: