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The woman was hit after the break up of the man live users ask for 50 thousand breakup fee original title: girlfriend break up, uncle ask for 50 thousand breakup fee newspaper October 20th hearing due to his girlfriend Ms. Han to ask breakup fee not, Lee repeatedly to his girlfriend work 42 year old noisy, and Han with dispute, and the other a minor. Recently, Haiyang City area police station will be in accordance with the law on suspicion of intentional injury suspects Lee bail. It is understood that Ms. Han a year ago through online dating to know Lee, after a period of contact, the two began cohabitation. June, due to Lee beat himself, Ms. Han proposed to break up Lee, Lee repeatedly asked the Korean lady broke up fee. Ms. Han said, he (Lee) repeatedly threatened that if you do not give the breakup fee, you do not give me a good day, so I can not go to class". June 30th 15 am, Lee once again came to the work of Ms. Han Haiyang City garment factory to ask for a break up fee, the factory owner Wang can not see the past, it is called into the room to call lee. During the period, Lee proposed to Ms. Han himself fifty thousand yuan compensation, Wang was asked to leave won’t listen to reason Lee garment factory. The workers of the factory Zhao rushed, thought the boss bullied Wang and Lee dispute, after Lee with a brick Zhao injured, the forensic identification, Zhao as minor injuries. According to Lee confessed, the same day, he went to a large garment factory to find someone who gave the money to discuss the South after breaking up, the boss of the factory called to the room. After entering the room, he and Wang theory, Wang shouted, feeling unable to communicate with wang. When leaving the garment factory and Zhao dispute, and then fight, Zhao will hurt. It is understood that Lee was 42 years old, after the age of 18 to learn from his hometown in Shanxian County to work in Haiyang, had a similar dispute with a unit of a woman in Haiyang, had repeatedly to the woman’s noisy. Editor: Li Peng相关的主题文章: