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Women 10 charm action, so that men can not extricate themselves! Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: teach you to see through the hearts of men love a woman is a moment of things, and women love men is eternal. Women’s lives, many men can not control the temptation to face their own, therefore, how to make a woman love the man can not extricate themselves? Unable to extricate oneself 1. The first to seize her husband’s stomach every day after work time, the wife cooked a delicious dinner for her husband, then the house lights are open, waiting for the late husband home. Men are often in such a situation, can appreciate the warmth of home. Husband to take work home, the wife don’t try to let her husband’s attention to himself, to give him the water cup can be quickly dry, or do some supper, husband he will feel very warm. Women want to love her husband, but you know what he cares about most? 2. To seize the heart of her husband to seize the hearts of men only rely on the stomach to catch a man or not, to completely capture a man’s heart, the most effective means is to let him have a love for you. 3. Often share "space time" men because of boredom or indulgence to seek comfort outside, in fact, exposed the connotation of marriage is not enough. A wise woman may seek help in space time. "Space time" means, in order to strengthen the feelings between husband and wife reached the connection rule, such as a couple at least a week together in the afternoon alone, leave work, family and children disturb, to enjoy two of the world’s warm. Adhere to the "space time" between husband and wife, can actively enhance the intimacy of marriage. The inner feeling is good, the natural man’s heart will go home. 4 praise. Often praised for his good when you watch TV or movies, see the story of the marriage life is very sad, think carefully when your husband to you, you will find that this man has such shortcomings, but you still don’t have to say. When you have this idea, be sure to talk to your husband. If he is not around, then give him a call, at the side of the words, the heart would like to say, and then lie prone to cry for a while on his body, and said, we do not like TV as well? But a small word, but let the man know that he is in your heart there is such an important position, so he did everything is not in vain, you remember in mind. So, the general heat Zhileng show common good wife, and the man willing to give you? 5. Related to the marital problems of daily life, we must attach importance to quarrel and never say divorce, more tears, language targeted, practical. If you are wrong, after quarrelling, his death is a cute, to stick him lost to all sense of shame. In addition, it is particularly necessary to point out that, once the man involved in the quarrel between husband and wife life, we must pay attention to. If you argue with him because of your physical or psychological reasons. So please note that this must be the most private, the most powerful in his heart相关的主题文章: