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Wonderful school! The girls are not allowed to stay bangs natural volume proved to be open lead: School season good fun, a school in Xiamen named the new wonderful school – "boys hair is not more than 6 cm, the girls can not have bangs. Natural volume or hair yellow to go to the hospital to prove, prove that he did not dye hot, is born." Strict rules a, as a young girls how to meet their senior Xiao nai! Say that the good of the youth do not regret it? (source: PClady) wonderful school girls are not allowed to stay bangs that youth is a wonderful school belonging to the good-looking people, wonderful school can be completely cut off the girls "road. Do you really want to wear a makeup ugly face, brain door to meet the grass? It is not only a fashion perm, a foot high school, we have a high means, grasp these beauty tactics, package you mad president! A wonderful school: not leave bangs solve 1 tricks: atmospheric partial beauty really atmospheric partial do beauty bangs although can improve the face, but really can do a second V face is also the number of partial! May wish to learn the school beauty Chen Douling, due to the youth film left ear debut her, from beginning to end exudes a strong sense of good students. As long as the bangs long side can achieve beautiful, and on both sides of the hair can block the face. Of course, if the direction of a partial tired, but also play a different proportion of points, 37 open, 46 open, 28 open, even in the sub. Don’t let the rules with bangs and how? Every day can change a pattern do goddess. To solve the 2 tricks: fluffy cute fluffy balls out of the ball head out lovely meatball head is not fresh in the fashion world, but is still the female star never brought poser, even the development of the evolution of semi ball first, is prosperous. The girls at school with a ball head is clean and fresh, and meet the students’ image. But if you want to create a sense of fashion, the head must catch fluffy, can not just close to the scalp prick. The sides of the ear can also make the hair stylist to help you cut a little long to the ear of the hair, can not perfect face modification. When they entered the school will be the hair behind her ears, check the appearance of teachers will never find. To solve the 3 tricks: the latest "Adorable" and the latest "Adorable" apple head main apple head in South Korea and the stars are very popular apple head, however, Apple’s head shape real comparison to see if you exaggerate, the teacher bangs into a small pulling Zhaqi hair, the rules will increase the estimate of second days a new clause. So, it may refer to some female stars, appropriate to reduce the height of the pull, or try to tie in some hair, would look adorable and refreshing. Wonderful school two: no hot roll solve tricks: straight iron – black long straight also captured the hearts of men of God Bea Hayden looking at the current campus youth idol drama, to find the line with the regulations of the hair is really not easy, only "reference black long straight to the reality of the girls. When it comes to the dean of black long straight circles, which bear the brunt of Bea Hayden. In that year, "small time", a lot of fans immediately appeared, but also will be pushed to the Bea Hayden "national husband".相关的主题文章: