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World of Warcraft fam: three box reward time and reward list — original title: World of Warcraft game fam: three box reward and reward list for time in the 7 fam new product, Blizzard also it constantly revised, after the amended several times online and after the attempt, World of Warcraft’s epic key stone dungeon reward and time statistics follows each acquisition time copy box fam box settlement is in accordance with the time limit of 80% and 60% increase incentives to complete the underground city in a limited time in 60% to get three reward boxes and key stone +3, limited to 80% completed within the underground city can receive a reward of two boxes and the +2 key. Before the blizzard fam time to do a round of online correction, reduce eye, throat eater Azshara and Neltharion den three copies of the time, this makes three to obtain a copy of three boxes of reward difficulty increases, but the three copy is still a copy of the impact of three awards to a lower degree of difficulty in the box. The equipment rewards fam reward equipment and other large FAM is divided into two parts: are completed underground city after box reward and weekly settlement reward, the reward of loading equipment layer list: fam layers artifact points reward in the most recent online correction, fixed point rewards God is in the fam, artifact points from each box the original fixed two 400 basis points (not by artifact artifact knowledge plus before) to according to the number of layers increases the artifact points reward, before making 2 layer 3 speed box brush artifact points approach has become the past now, to efficiently obtain artifact points, or should the challenge as a means of high-level fam. The number of artifact reward will increase with the increase in the number of layers listed below are not subject to artifact artifact based knowledge plus points: (pre commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章: