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Error – worse than education education Sohu maternal little plum elder sister: education really is a very deep knowledge, is the essential part of our life, and now we are in response to the call of actively preparing for the child, parents may wonder whether your education responsibility from more important? Dabao two treasure although it is the same blood, but the character has difference, education is not a can. We also need to know what the consequences of false education are! Let’s first have a sense of education, which is the most important step to be a good parent. Grow with children. In eighteenth Century the French great initiation thinker, philosopher, educator and writer Rousseau once said a word: "education is growth, if we start from this point of view, their mission is to provide a good environment for children, a good environment includes two aspects. On the one hand is relatively easy to do is come from material, let the children eat well dressed, I believe this point for every family is not a problem, but parents do not think to eat well dressed is our goal, table delicacies from land and sea silk and satin, eat healthy, well dressed, it is indispensable to life education education guide. In addition to the child’s food and clothing, we need to focus on is the child’s environment — the soft environment of family education, parents lead by example, words and deeds, guide the education of children become adults, which is equivalent to the tree maintenance, we are responsible for tree pruning, and help clean up the pests, ensure that the tree can grow straight and tall and strong dense. At least meet these two aspects can be called a good education environment. There was a letter to parents of children, has caused our attention and reflection, let us look at the child’s voice: "Dear Mom and Dad, I know what you say and do are good for me, but you know, I have so much I want to say to you. Don’t lose your temper. Don’t talk every day. I wish I could do something. Don’t disturb me while I’m doing my homework. Don’t always let me learn, give me some time to play. Don’t compare us with others. Do not quarrel, family harmony. Don’t be rude to me. To transposition thinking. Don’t mean to say nothing." I do not know what kind of feeling you see? If your child will write a letter to you in the future, what would you most like to have? We often deprive the child’s ability, let the children into a clothing to hand, the ability of a child to eat a ready-cooked meal, belonging to their most basic lost. Children grow up, parents often blame the child will not be anything, but all of this is our ability to deprive the child, and asked the child to have such ability. It’s not fair to children. Remember some time ago a popular China News — "17 year old child prodigy admitted but was dropped out of" the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the news tells the children let the envy of the legendary life, the mother and child education and strict way. The mother is single handedly to all children, his mother believes that "only concentrate on reading, will!相关的主题文章: