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Wu Jing "wolf" Viva tripod award five awards – Sohu domineering contract entertainment interview with Wu Jing Wu Jing winning the Sohu entertainment news the evening of September 7th, Wu Jing directed and starred in the movie "wolf" in modern military theme, tripod award smoothly won best film producer, best action guide, best screenplay, best new director, the audience. The first survey of five awards. Wu Jing won the two prize strength alone Huading re accreditation is known as the "old people reputation honor" tripod award, formerly known as the "Chinese celebrities public image satisfaction survey, by the world media excellence organization, has become the world’s most popular entertainment awards monument population. This time, Wu Jing himself crisp harvest the best screenplay, best director award of the two, but also further recognition of his power and influence. Wu Jing’s "wolf" released in 2015, not only opened the modern military type of precedent, to more than five hundred million at the box office good results, won the bumper box office and word of mouth. Earlier, Wu Jing with the movie "wolf" has won the eighteenth Shanghai International Film Festival Organizing Committee Special Award and the sixteenth session of China Film Awards Best Film award. That night, many stars have come to the scene, it can be said that the stars shine. Wu Jing after winning not only thanks to the dedication and contribution of team members, is the process of thank you struggle together, thanks to their creative original mutual tolerance. Wu Jing said that thanks to the support of the director Li Zhongzhi, "if he is not, I can not adhere to the" wolf "to complete the shooting, and that night by" wolf "director Li Zhongzhi also won the award for best action guiding Huading awards. "Wolf 2" upgrade the continuation of Wu Jing again the workaholic this tripod award Wu Jing although fame, but stronger than ever a lot of skin was black, his wife Xie Nan describes as the "total carbon" is very accurate. In an interview with Wu Jing, said the recent busy shoot "wolf 2", it is revealed that "more tired than take the first set. We build 500 housing location was a tornado blew away 200, I drove more nearly every day in a car accident, always on tenterhooks." "Wolf 2" in the preparatory stage is also attracted to Hollywood to join the team, including "Captain America" 3 star villain "Cross Bones" and martial arts guide Sam is admiring, together with Wu Jing design, wonderful interpretation of the fight scenes. The scene of the film will continue to upgrade the war, it is learned that in addition to the already exposed tank war, weapons and scenes will also bring greater surprise fans. That night, reporters and Audience Award Ting present are very concerned about the new Wu Jing movie "wolf 2", and full of expectation. Wu Jing once said, "the wolf" 2 "in Hollywood, will use the industrialization movie mode, and we are making movies with life!"   相关的主题文章: