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Wuhu: building Juzhi heights   promote the transformation of Anhui Channel – rain rain wiper people.com.cn suddenly seized power window shut, how to avoid these "not reliable"? Wuhu CEPREI Information Industry Technology Research Institute established the Anhui province automobile electronic quality and reliability of common technology research and development team, dedicated to solve these small problems". In recent years, Wuhu through the implementation of the 5111 industrial innovation team construction project, leading a number of innovative team to thrive in their fields to achieve innovation, increased vitality for industrial development. In order to stimulate local talent innovation and entrepreneurial enthusiasm, Wuhu city since 2013, with about 5 years plan, all kinds of enterprises have obvious competitive advantages in the industry, the construction of about 100 "industrial innovation team", about 100 "innovation team leader" and about 1000 "innovation team leader assistant". The city introduced the 5111 industrial innovation team management approach, the provisions of the innovation team to set up units to provide the necessary research funding and job subsidies for the innovation team. Municipal special funds for each innovative team of not less than 100 thousand yuan a year, the total amount of not more than 300 thousand yuan per year to subsidize the creation of innovative teams to set up units dedicated to innovative team of R & D projects in. Relevant departments of the city also "innovation team leader" and "assistant to the leaders" to declare titles, research projects, funds, etc., to give priority to support, the same conditions, priority. "Innovation team leader" and "leader assistant" in accordance with the provisions of the contract to participate in R & D results of income distribution. As effectively as a good innovation team "waiter", the city personnel office also led the relevant departments directly under the annual assessment of innovation team construction investment, the implementation of policies and measures and research progress of the project; provide solutions to the difficulties, to achieve "rotary launched, get a ride". Innovation and entrepreneurship good ecological environment, make Wuhu construction of the "5111" industrial innovation team fast, the selected industry innovation team has reached 58, most of the industry innovation team projects are steadily, has made a number of achievements in scientific and technological innovation, and some have entered the stage of industrialization, has good economic and social benefits. First appeared in the "5111" industrial innovation team of Anhui Huaneng Cable Group Co., Ltd. "smokeless halogen-free fireproof cable innovation team, co culture and attract Innovative Talents 10 people, has made achievements in scientific and technological innovation 6, innovation achievements in industry invested 25 million yuan, direct economic benefits 160 million yuan; Chery automobile Limited by Share Ltd Chery Yi Ruize 7 vehicle project development team, co culture and attract innovative talents 20 people, has made achievements in scientific and technological innovation 54, innovation achievements in industry invested 123 million 270 thousand yuan, a 442 million yuan of direct economic benefits. [means] to build a team, gather a group of talents, the revitalization of an industry. Wuhu City, the implementation of talent development strategy, with a positive incentive policy, to build poly wisdom highland, for the industrial development of energy accumulation potential, stimulate the vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship. This will not only allow innovative entrepreneurs in the ability to display on the stage a show of skill, enhance the enterprise innovation相关的主题文章: