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Wulingyuan bulletin two from the masses of the four winds around the problem of corruption and the original title: Wulingyuan bulletin two from the masses of the four winds around the problem of corruption and red net Zhangjiajie station in November 18th hearing (sub station reporter Zhang Hong) November 18th, reporters from the Hunan Zhangjiajie government network was informed that recently, Wulingyuan District Commission for Discipline Inspection to investigate the recent two people around the "four winds" and the issue of the bulletin of corruption. 1, neighborhood branch secretary, Wulingyuan District Office of the streets in the floor BaoFeng road director Deng Changbao, deputy director, deputy secretary of the Party branch, neighborhood Shi Guangping breach of integrity and discipline problems. In 2015, during the BaoFeng Road neighborhood in the organization of Party members and cadres to carry out education activities of Party members, not in accordance with the declaration of the program schedule, resulting in some party members not only visit scenic spots, and agreed to produce transportation costs and the cost of tickets in financial reimbursement. August 2016, Deng Changbao, Shi Guangping, respectively, by the party warning. Hu Xiang 2, Wulingyuan District in the original Wu Qinglong village Party branch secretary Xiong Qingwen, breach of integrity and discipline problems. In 2016, the former village director Zhang Changqing and Xiong Qing Wen, the former village committee, director of the women’s Committee, Xiong Caiyun, the original branch accounting staff Xiong Yunxia, the original party branch committee member to Yan Zheng, former director of the supervision committee, Jin Renmao, the collective meeting decided the 2015 annual Yingtan dam project with wide to balance 18 thousand and 100 yuan for projects and small Walnut Valley Bay base the balance of 19 thousand and 400 yuan, a total of 37 thousand and 500 yuan interception, take off the books, little Treasuries, to pay for the hospitality and other capital expenditure, of which 4 thousand and 810 yuan for the village affairs spending 32 thousand and 690 yuan for the purchase of tobacco, wine and other native village official reception expenses. In October 2016, Xiong Caiyun, Xiong Yunxia, Xiong Qingwen, Yan Zheng, Jin Renmao, were subject to Party warning, Zhang Changqing subject to party a serious warning, for the official reception expenses 32 thousand and 690 shall be recovered and turned over to the state treasury.相关的主题文章: