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Xi’an a woman was picking up wild chestnut wasps attacked and killed the newspaper news (reporter Zhang Yiwei) yesterday, Xi’an Changan District a woman picking up chestnut, was sent to the Changan District wasp attack, Luan town center hospital after the rescue invalid death. Experts remind people of being stung, be sure to check the skin no thorns, found stinger should immediately removed, local wound or acidic substances with available vinegar. The injured to the hospital without breathing yesterday morning, Xi’an Changan District East Street Office of a 48 year old woman, with a woman to go to the field to pick up chestnuts, unfortunately by wasp attack, was the woman bee sting pain hand head squat, together with other people call 10:35, relatives and friends, car injured to the Luan Town Center Hospital for medical treatment, the injured to the hospital, medical personnel immediately for emergency treatment, found the injured head was stung three, found no stings, only discovered the sting of erythema. The doctor found the injured sent when not breathing, electrocardiogram is a straight line, has no heartbeat, the rescue in the Luanhe Town Center Hospital at the same time, relatives and friends also called the 120 ambulance, ambulance doctors diagnosed the wounded had died, medical staff Luan Town Center Hospital and to rescue 11 pm, irretrievable announced the death of the injured. According to the reporter, this is Changan District since the summer of second cases in the wasp deaths found, after a woman in Changan District after being stung, sent to the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University after the rescue invalid death. Relevant staff told reporters, a few years ago along the Changan District mountain zone have also been in the wasp events, few deaths have occurred this year, two cases of deaths caused by the case of wasps. Why in the summer and autumn in summer and autumn wasps frequency why wasps Xiren increased significantly, according to the expert investigation for four reasons: first, with the improvement of the ecological environment, rural road, human activities such as dense trees increased for wasp nest, expanded reproduction, population increase. The two is warming, increasing worm insects, provides abundant food resources for the wasps, caused by wasp blooms. The three is the high temperature in summer and autumn, drought, caused by wasp activity. The four is the harvest season and harvest time conflict wasps and walnut and chestnut forest products, farmers unconscious scare wasps, attack. How do wasps encountered on the road into the field suburb of work or play, don’t touch the hive, to do personal protection, wear long sleeved pants, but also can adjust the work out time, avoid wasp activity. If you meet a hive, you should avoid it as soon as possible. Don’t beat and drive it. Once you attract a swarm of bees, you need to take immediate protective measures, such as hiding in the building, closing doors and windows, lying down on the ground, reducing the exposed area, covering the body with clothing or other membranous materials, especially protecting the exposed parts such as the good face and hands. The bee nest was found to be reported to the local public security, forestry and fire department in time, and it was eliminated by professional staff. The self is very important according to participate in the rescue of the medical staff said from the wasp sting from local to Luan town center hospital just ten or twenty minutes, when the wounded brought had stopped breathing, it is important the self rescue and emergency treatment, by wasp stings, should first check whether the skin in the thorn, found the stinger should be extracted. Local wound available vinegar or weakly acidic material for ice can reduce the absorption of toxins, can also be the regulator (cupping) effective to relieve the poison out, local reaction. If there is still discomfort, we should go to the hospital as soon as possible. (Shaanxi Metropolis Daily) Note: video only extended reading. Shaanxi Xi’an bee sting

西安一农妇野外捡拾栗子时被胡蜂袭击身亡  本报讯(记者张毅伟)昨天,西安长安区一农妇在捡拾板栗时,被胡蜂袭击,送到长安区滦镇中心卫生院经过抢救无效死亡。专家提醒人们被蜂蜇后,一定要查看皮肤有无毒刺,发现毒刺应立即拔除,局部伤口可用食醋或弱酸性物质外敷。   伤者送到卫生院已无呼吸   昨天上午,西安长安区东大街道办一位48岁的农妇,与另外一农妇结伴去野外捡拾栗子,不幸受到胡蜂的袭击,当时被蜂蜇伤的这位农妇痛苦得用手抱头蹲下,另一同伴赶快打电话叫人,10时35分,亲友用车将伤者送往滦镇中心卫生院就医,伤者送到卫生院后,医务人员立即进行抢救,发现伤者头部被蜇了三处,没有发现有蜂刺,只发现了被蜇的红斑。医生检查发现伤者送来时就没有了呼吸,心电图显示是一条直线,已经没有了心跳,在滦镇中心卫生院抢救的同时,亲友还打电话叫来了120急救车,急救车的医生也诊断伤者已经死亡,滦镇中心卫生院医务人员又抢救到11时许,回天无力宣布伤者死亡。据记者了解,这是长安区今年夏季以来发现的第二例胡蜂袭人致人死亡的事件,此前长安区一妇女被蜂蜇后,送到西安交大一附院经过抢救无效死亡。相关人员告诉记者,前几年长安区沿山地带也发生过胡蜂袭人的事件,很少有死亡病例发生,今年已经发生了两例胡蜂致人死亡病例。   夏秋季为什么胡蜂频袭人   夏秋季为什么胡蜂袭人明显增加,据专家调查研究原因有四个:一是随着生态环境的改善,村镇、道路等人为活动密集区树木增多,便于胡蜂筑巢安家,扩大繁殖,种群数量增加。二是气候变暖,蠕虫类昆虫的增加,为胡蜂提供了丰富的食物资源,造成胡蜂大量繁殖。三是夏秋季温度偏高、干旱少雨,致胡蜂活动频繁。四是胡蜂活动时间与农忙及核桃、板栗等林产品的收获季节冲突,农民无意识惊扰胡蜂,遭到袭击。   路上遇到胡蜂怎么办   到野外郊区劳作或游玩,不要主动触动蜂巢,要做好个人防护,尽量穿长袖长裤,还可调整外出劳作时间,避开胡蜂活动高峰。如与蜂群相遇应尽快躲避,不要主动拍打和驱赶。一旦招惹蜂群,要马上采取保护措施,如躲进建筑内关好门窗、就地趴下减少暴露面积,用衣物或其他膜状物覆盖身体,尤其做好头面部、手等暴露部位的保护。发现蜇人蜂巢及时向当地公安、林业、消防部门报告,由专业人员灭除。   伤者自救很重要   据参加抢救的医务人员说从胡蜂蜇人的地方到滦镇中心卫生院路程不过一二十分种,伤者送来时就停止了呼吸,说明伤者自救和应急处理很重要,被胡蜂蜇伤,首先应检查有无皮肤内毒刺,发现毒刺应拔除,局部伤口可用食醋或弱酸性物质外敷,冰敷可减缓毒素吸收,也可用减压器(拔火罐等)吸出毒液,对减轻局部反应有效。如仍有不适,应尽快至医院就诊。(三秦都市报)注:视频仅为扩展阅读。 陕西西安蜂蜇人事件多发 医生支招相关的主题文章: