Xiangyang 3 men piled up half of the house owner is in much of the theft of stolen goods-小坂めぐる

Xiangyang 3 men in many stolen goods piled up half of the house owner to map: crime scene identified the suspect zhang. Metropolis express reporter correspondent Zhang Wei Zhai Lei photo pictured: theft has yet to sell goods, all piled up half of the house. Metropolis express reporter correspondent Zhang Wei Leng Xiaobing photo which is composed of a three crazy theft gang, they are like a ghost haunts in the morning. Once found, they try to steal them. They stole what to see what, electric cars, car, purse, numbness of tobacco and alcohol, the others as one’s own "moved to dens". Since August, just over 1 months, they have fled the city and the surrounding counties, theft crime more than 10 cases, involving more than 8 yuan. 18, Fancheng police after careful investigation, the gang caught. Yesterday, the 3 men involved in the criminal detention by the police. Wearing a hat wearing gloves to the scene of the crime did not leave traces in August 10th at 2 pm, in front of a unit of the family hospital located in the Fancheng District of Spring Garden Road, across the 3 shadows. Shadow along the sidewalk search, the last stop in a Audi car. They see no one around, picked up a brick from the ground, to the Audi car window a bash. A vehicle sirens pierced the night sky, 3 shadow suddenly fled the scene, disappearing into the darkness. On the morning of 7 pm, Fancheng police received the alarm owners Mr. Shen said their Audi windows were smashed, the car is equipped with more than 2000 yuan in cash and bank cards stolen wallet. Immediately after the police investigation, found that the modus operandi of criminals is quite bold, and three people wearing hats, gloves, the scene did not leave any traces. Just when the case is deadlocked, the intersection of Changhong Road, a theft occurred again in the morning. A car parked on the roadside truck transport wine, car installed more than 50 boxes of liquor stolen overnight. Police quickly launched an investigation of the case, the collection of a large number of video surveillance, 3 suspicious men appear again. At the same time, the video also a taxi back and forth transporting liquor, according to the clues, the police quickly locked the rental in 3 men Qiao Ying District Songhe road. After half a month of squatting, in sufficient evidence, the 18 day at 6 in the morning, the police launched action to close the net. At this time, the three suspects in the dream Xu, Zhang, Wang was the police. The table with evil associates Gang stealing like drawn to like interrogation by the police, the 3 men for the gang theft confessed to the crime. After investigation, the 37 year old man Xu is Xiangzhou District, at the age of 26, because the robbery was sentenced to 7 years. After release, Xu did not repent, worthless, all day long on the table to gamble for students. However, Xu soon good times don’t last long, owe a debt. In August this year, he met Xiangzhou man Zhang 44 year old and 35 year old Henan Jiaozuo Man Wang at the mahjong table, 3 people hit it off, with the partnership of stealing like drawn to like. The police investigation that, in the city of crime, gang is usually composed of two lookout, one theft crime approach is very rampant, and no technical content. They often use local materials, the vehicle direct violence smashed, sometimes with the help of portable tools such as scissors, then quickly fled the scene. The.相关的主题文章: