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Xianyang, a new school district has yet to be completed, it is necessary to move the parents want to postpone the students moved into the new school in September 26th, there are 4 days, Xianyang experimental primary school parents are worried. Yesterday morning, hundreds of parents to the school of the new campus collective construction is still not cleared, the smell will affect the health of the child, I hope the school next semester to delay the relocation. Reflection is not fully completed, it is necessary to relocate the morning of September 21st, located in the south of Xianyang City Experimental Primary School new campus entrance, gathered a large number of parents. They reflect, on the evening of September 20th, received the school notice, in September 26th all students will move to the new campus. However, the new campus has not yet been completed, the teaching building there are smell, does not have the conditions of school. "We are worried that the new classroom, such as formaldehyde and other harmful substances have not been volatile clean, moved into the child’s physical health threat." The student’s parents, Ms. Zhou said. China Daily reporter at the entrance to the campus to see a notice with the relocation of environmental testing report, said above, Xianyang Experimental Primary and secondary school expansion project is one of the municipal Party committee and municipal people’s livelihood projects. The main campus project was completed in January 12, 2016, completed in early June South teaching building decoration engineering, at the end of August to complete the teaching and living facilities installation engineering, outdoor project completed in September 15th. By the Xianyang Municipal Bureau of housing construction quality supervision station and other departments of the joint inspection and acceptance, the South teaching building has the basic conditions of use. In addition, the school in August 2016 commissioned by the Shaanxi environmental monitoring technical services Advisory Center on the South teaching building 6 national indicators for comprehensive testing, the results are not beyond the national standard limit. Despite this, but parents are still not assured. "If the test that day the air is better, the window is open, it is not a little less formaldehyde, if the door is not closed in the winter, coupled with the opening of the heating air, the formaldehyde children can stand it?" Students’ parents, Mr. Zhao said. Appeal to school next semester to move the old campus can be used temporarily, why now moved to the new campus?" One of the parents said, 20 pm, he went into the new campus, the north side of the teaching building or site, "in the south of the teaching building, the classroom is a pungent smell, I was on the first floor two floor in a circle, uncomfortable out. This environment baby how class?" "Can you move next semester, the transition of a heating season, so that the taste of the interior scattered?" The student’s parents, Ms. Zhou said. Subsequently, the China Daily reporter went to Xianyang experimental primary school. The project includes the new campus school vice president Zhou Guangling, chief engineer Dou Jianfeng, the three person in charge, there are more than 2200 students in Xianyang City Experimental Primary School 6 grades, according to plan in September 26th to move to the new campus, which is required by the city. The concentrations of formaldehyde, total volatile organic compounds, benzene, toluene, xylene, radon in each classroom of the new campus were not exceeding the national standard limit. The temporary unfinished teaching building on the north will be isolated from the teaching area. In Zhou Guangling, under the leadership of the China Daily reporter in the new campus of Xianyang City Experimental Primary School, found in the south side of the teaching building, part of the ongoing construction workers in the corridor, a pungent smell obvious. But almost no gas in every classroom相关的主题文章: