Yahoo Japan Co to explore a Wednesday off-stellarium

Yahoo Japan Co on Wednesday closed U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks news Beijing time 25 days Kyodo news, Japan is studying the Softbank group’s IT giant Yahoo Japan Co to about 5800 staff were used to rest for three days a week system, adjust the working mode. President Miyasaka science has passed the guidelines to staff etc.. In order to strive to achieve a variety of ways to work to ensure that talent, YAHOO, Japan and strive to achieve this initiative in a few years. Despite the presence of fast selling companies will be no adjustment to the area of the formal staff of the use of a Wednesday off the case, but the system if it is to be used for large corporate headquarters staff will be extremely rare. The Japanese government to reform the labor for a long time as a typical way of working as an important topic in the past, YAHOO Japan’s trend or will have an impact on other companies. Increase the day of rest may cause business too busy to attend to all increase staffing costs. Miyazaka said in an interview with Kyodo news, said: "labor time and productivity issues are important business themes, although there are problems, but will try to do." As to strive to achieve the early stages of a Wednesday holiday ", YAHOO is going to take two days off a week day only on Saturday and Sunday, but the freedom of choice of the system, the specific research work has been started. After the company intends to change in a few years, a Wednesday off the system, the specific implementation will be phased, such as gradually adopted by the department. Yahoo Japan Co’s average age of employees is about 35 years old, relatively young, but it is expected that in the future there may be an increase in the number of employees who need to take care of the elderly. Let the work of the personnel system is more flexible, but also to prevent employees from taking care of their families and the purpose of resignation, or will attract attention. IT is fighting for talent among enterprises, through the use of quite avant-garde system, but also intended to attract talented people. In addition, Yahoo Japan Co from October to start working and working on the implementation of the new system. In order to allow employees to work from a distance from the company, allowing 150 thousand yen per month (about $9900) for the upper limit reimbursement of the new route fares. In addition, allowing the system to work at home will also be increased from two days a month to five days, approved a variety of forms of office. (end) editor: Guo Mingyu SF008相关的主题文章: