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Yang Zi Qin Junjie love exposure to the public can not stop the mouth of the Tencent entertainment news, according to detective Zhao five children broke the news, a few days ago, a special trip to Hengdian, flew to the appointment of Qin Junjie. On the day of the dinner, two people I chat very happy, even when a friend’s face playing the mouth to mouth kiss. Two people affectionate several times, Yang Zi seems to be not enough, but also the initiative to plug the mouth of Qin Junjie, so far, the relationship between the two big exposure. In this regard, Tencent entertainment exclusive contact to Yang Zi father, he said: I do not know ah, you have to ask the broker good." It is reported that Yang Zi Qin Junjie is not only the cooperation of "Zhu Xian Zhi", also worked with Qingyun "dragon legend", many netizens speculated that two people are due to play hygiene conditions. Qin Junjie, a Chinese mainland actor, was born in September 1, 1991 in Fujian City, Xiamen Province, graduated from the 2010 class of Performing Arts Department of Central Academy of Drama. In 2006 due to filming Zhang Yimou movie "Curse of the Golden Flower" and entered the entertainment circle. In the TV series "Prince of tennis", "Gu Jian", "Qin moon", "Yun Zhi", the film "the painted" had 2 performances. The family has a small female initially grew up Yang Ziying 24 years old birthday相关的主题文章: