Yi bride climb a new ladder into the ” cliff village ” see the groom ” makeup spent “-headache怎么读�

The bride married into new ladder climbing cliff village of " " see the groom spent makeup " " – public channel change on the bride Leerla Yi wedding dress, wearing jewelry. The new building began from the mountain to the valley Gangti diversion direction, can see more majestic Canyon landscape. In November 9th, the 105 longest steps in the process, the bride Leerla is a break in the middle two, she said that many years didn’t climb that steep hill, feeling very tired. Lera is the "fix cliff village" ladder Road, the first to usher in the bride. Lera and songqin team distance through the steep section of the ladder. In a way the most steep ladder, built a platform for the rest of the people, the rain and sun. The door is Leerla with. Songqin team and the "cliff village" of young people singing and dancing together. The bride Leerla is sitting on a stone, bow, frowning, eyes closed, hands over her face, pale lip color. She had just climbed a length of about 10 meters of the ladder, the ladder is almost vertical fixed on the mountain, surrounded by mountains, at the foot of the cliff, on top of the head, is the Sichuan province Zhaojue County branch, Mo Xiang Village is also famous local dirt Adler, "cliff village". In August this year, the Beijing News reported, "cliff village" began to set up the "ladder" is used to replace the old steel, rattan ladder. At the end of October, the new "ladder" on the completion of the main project, the villagers to shorten one hour than the previous time. But for the bride and her friends and relatives, crossing the moat is still difficult. According to Yi customs, Russian Qumo can only wait for the groom anxiously at the cliff village. The road is pulled off, Reul carefully dressed dress, hands and feet to climb. Last three hours. That night, in celebration of the blessing, Leerla has become the new "ladder" was, "the first bride cliff village" in the. Once love is 9 noon, Leerla began to get up early as usual, mopping the floor, cooking. Almost noon, she stopped the housework, her parents bought a new wear silver wedding dress for yi. The sleeves of the coat, you have the edge of several gold, red purple and green colored thread embroidery patterns, multi colored cloth and skirt length can be spliced into a. In a wedding two years ago, by a friend, Leerla is acquainted with the 27 year old Russian guy Qumo. Although two people working in different cities, but often chat video chat. In January this year, Russia’s Qumo to Leerla is proposed. Lera is a promise. They come to the wedding date in November 9th. 11 days after the Yi year, working friends and relatives will go home for the new year, people more lively. 3 pm, in the five and more than and 10 male relatives. Accompanied by Leerla van, arrived at the village at the foot of the mountain to the dirt adler. According to the Russian Qumo Yi Su, groom only in the "Cliff Village home waiting for the bride climbed up the cliff to see myself. Climb the ladder to shorten the time of 1 hours in May this year, the Beijing news to the village on the cliff相关的主题文章: