Yongzhou men buy spare parts to assemble gun for stimulation of detained (video)-kimi wo omou melodi

Yongzhou men buy spare parts to assemble gun seeking to stimulate the original title: man arrested Taobao buy a gun parts assembled airgun seeking stimulation is questioning the suspect police arrested the suspect was identified seized guns red net Lanshan county station news October 24th October 22nd, Hunan County of Lanshan province Mao Jun Zhen Shaxi Cun Tang for possession of a home village the guns by the public security organs of administrative detention. Originally, October 22nd 10 am, Lanshan county network security brigade police received an anonymous report: Mao Jun Zhen Shaxi Cun Tang gun possession of villagers. Network security brigade quickly organized elite police to Tang for inspection, and seized a gun from behind the curtains in the bedroom tang. The gun and the standard rifle shape is similar, composed of the barrel, the gun, firing, inflator, grips etc, can be filled with 5.5 mm lead bullets, the compressed gas firing range of three, forty meters, has a certain lethality. Tang told police he began to buy Airsoft accessories from Taobao shop in 2016 May for fun attitude, and in 2016 September assembled a complete air gun. For the pursuit of stimulation, near Tang carrying the gun in the village near the channel repeatedly try gun firing, but fortunately did not cause casualties. In the police education, Tang Mou know fun moment has violated the relevant provisions of the law, and the chagrin of his foolish behaviour. Currently, because of illegal possession of a gun was Lanshan county public security organs according to law administrative detention. (net station reporter correspondent Huang Junbei Peng Yangming) Yongzhou) recommended Video: "good" man to help the elderly to operate ATM machine secretly transferred pension card相关的主题文章: