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You, depressed? (people’s livelihood sight? Mental health concerns in (on)) – Ningxia – People’s visual channel in October 10th this year is the twenty-fifth World Mental Health Day, the theme of "mental health, social harmony". According to China’s psychiatric epidemiology survey estimates in some areas: China’s population over the age of 15, all kinds of mental disorders in patients with more than 100 million people, including 16 million people with severe mental disorders, most of the remaining patients with depression, autism is a mental disorder or mental behavior disorder. Under the same blue sky, but they live in a different world, their own suffering from mental torture, but also to bring untold suffering to the family. Healthy people, there are a lot of people deeply anxiety, depression and other emotional distress, often issued "I am not depressed," the question. The sun is beautiful, have to open the heart to feel warm. Mental health is an important aspect of personal happiness, family happiness and social harmony. Concerned about the mental health of the people, is the "people’s health in the priority development of strategic position," the meaning of the problem, should cause concern of the whole society. How far away from the mental illness? Depression and other psychological and mental illness why patients increased year by year? What are the effects on individuals, families and society? How to help patients out of the haze? How to prevent mental illness? This edition will discuss this topic in two phases. Editor — depression outpatients with an annual increase of 20%, about 30000000 children have psychological and behavioral disorders in the modern social environment changes fast, fast pace of life, many people complained of psychological pressure, tension and anxiety. In life, we will be exposed to some patients with depression — in most cases they occasionally muttered, occasionally be scanty of words, hysterical. What kind of psychological and mental problems belong to the category of disease? Tan Xianjie is a doctor of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Peking Union Medical College Hospital. Before the national day, he revealed in the book "of affairs" conference, he had 5 months out of 13 terminally ill patients, by negative emotional distress. "Life can not relax, I finally found a vent channel: facing the mountain shouting, screaming, until the heart to calm down." "Everyone will be depressed, this temporary depression, boredom is not a disease." Huang Shijing, chief physician of Guanganmen Academy of traditional Chinese medicine hospital Chinese said, negative emotions like drinking, within a certain amount, has no effect on people; once more than this amount, may be drunken shangshen. For example, depression for more than 2 weeks, and can not self adjustment, has seriously affected the work, study and family life, will be identified in clinical depression. "Mild depression can divert attention through self adjustment and emotional way, counseling professional doctor, cure. More than moderate, you need psychological treatment plus medication to control the disease." In recent years, accelerate the dissemination of information in the context of the Internet, Dutch act events people feel depression mental illness seems to increase year by year, which indicates whether multiple trends in China this kind of mental illness is? – the number of outpatients with depression soared,相关的主题文章: