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You go to Yunnan to play, it is to have to look at the terrace! Many tourists visit Yunnan – Sohu who will know Yuanyang terrace, but deep in the Ailao Mountains of Connaught terrace, but few people know. Although it is not like that of the spectacular and the terrace of Yuanyang territory, but also has its unique features and quiet. Connaught, nice places, hidden in the Red River Hani small village, spring, life of wood horse freehand, the perfect interpretation of the fusion line and the natural beauty of Hani people for generations nnocently, the achievements of our heartfelt sigh scenery. Connaught terrace season is the most suitable for winter and spring irrigation season months (December – February), the mapping in the morning and evening or sunset, clouds, change unpredictably extraordinarily beautiful. Another point is that, to see the sea of clouds are Connaught throughout the year, especially in winter are very good. Traffic aspects, from the southern Kunming bus station or Yuxi ride to Yuanjiang, then transfer to Connaught, the return of the last bus at 16, but sometimes full will start early. If you are driving it, from Sheep Street to Connaught about 20km platform is very good, can stop viewing pictures. Welcome to subscribe to developing "30 degrees north travel" headline numbers can also WeChat search public number "30 degrees north travel" or join our QQ group 522374288相关的主题文章: