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Yu Qiucheng: the finished product of the two degree of painting in today’s Art Museum opened in November 4, 2016, the finished product of the painting of the degree of two – Yu was a solo exhibition in Beijing Today Art Museum, the opening of the 1 floor, No. 2. Yu Qiucheng’s artistic creation, in fact, is no longer dominated by painting, but in the image of the traces of waste cardboard on the "two degrees" creation. In strict sense, his "painting" is the two creation of a painting, or painting is finished two degrees, with occasional image waste cardboard as the main body, on the basis of this, the traditional painting, become a kind of open boundary device painting or ready-made painting. Device painting belongs to the category of postmodernism. In 1970s the German expressionist painter Keifer created a large number of devices that hang wire group, painting, on canvas and warship torpedo model, based on the main form of paintings on the whole painting extends out of the traditional boundaries, become an additional device in the form of painting. Yu Qiucheng made a lot of painting equipment, on the one hand, for example, ready-made images of different cardboard fragments, be various combination; do tear destructive treatment on a piece of paper, let the poor aesthetics reach some "broken"; it will slip and the wire rack, candy device together. "Weight: Tianjin scene of the explosion of the tyre" device, variable size, 2015 low "II" food box production of firecrackers? Mark? The exhaust pipe, 140cm× 60cm, 2015 as modernist techniques, Yu Qiucheng not only absorbed the device painting form, even abstract art and pop art form together for example, the lower left abstract images appear in a group of pop style women’s lips; upper three red roses hanging on the abstract painting; or with the plane of the device juxtaposition, the abstract pattern painting of the cardboard on the floor, put a candy device on the board of the super realism. Besides the device drawing, and the introduction of pop elements in the general framework of the modern mode of Yu Qiucheng an important artistic concept is derived from John Cage’s "accidental art?". Cage not only created a lot of happenings, he also used the random dice selected number of pebbles, with quills along the outer edge of the circle of pebbles, various images of ring painting, is through the occasional random principle to decide which a piece of stone. Cage’s "contingency" lies in the random rules of the graphics, but the random rules of the graph itself are ideas". Unlike Cage, the images of the cardboard boxes in the workshop of the factory of Yu Qiucheng were not in the frame of "art" at the beginning, but in itself it was an accidental image. Thus, from the beginning, the graphics on the board is not "painting", it is important that these are not "painting" accidental images, as a kind of "painting"". Rather, they are a kind of "painting"". This "pictorial imitation", along with its board as a carrier, is treated as a whole material, with other materials to be modified. "Guang Yan" paper production traces?相关的主题文章: