Yulin to drive the car every day to open 5 pairs of motor vehicles to Nanning, Guilin-sunny came home

Yulin to pass EMU friends every line 5 on the train to Nanning, Guilin recently, network transmission Yulin "car dream" will be implemented in December 31st, train runs daily to Nanning and Guilin on 5. But is it really the case? I was a little excited! Recently, the network will be opened in December 31st Yulin EMU, and flow out of a train timetable. Timetable shows that Yulin will open 5 pairs of trains per day, respectively, to the direction of Nanning and Guilin. 1 Nanning east to Yulin, Yulin, South East of the EMU trains 3 times, covering the morning, noon, afternoon and evening. 2 Guilin to Yulin, Yulin to the direction of the Guilin of the motor train 2 times a day, every morning and afternoon there is a pair of motor vehicles. The new YuLin Railway Station station (panoramic picture). In addition to the trips, network transmission of this train schedule also includes the running time and stops. 1) between Nanning and Yulin each have a direct benchmarking car, the whole run time in 1 hours within 40 minutes. The train running time within 2 hours, the station stops at Binyang, Guigang, Societe generale. 2) between Yulin and Guilin running time in 3.5 hours, with Yongfu, Luzhai, Liuzhou, Guigang, industrial and other guests, the station stops at the station. The time table for the net looks like a model, but the truth has not yet been confirmed. However, the railway sector staff revealed that the Nanning Railway Bureau has recently sent to the global transport units, the new and old passenger trains alternate program. According to the plan: Yulin traffic EMU trains has been basically established, is the basic network transmission of 5, but the fare, operation time, departure time, passing through the site and other information has not been published. A train Fan said, Li Zhan railway electrification belongs to the capacity expansion and renovation, train fares should still maintain the price 0.293 yuan per kilometer. Therefore, the fare between Nanning and Yulin about 70 yuan. It is understood that the morning of November 15th 8, Litang Zhanjiang railway electrification project in Litang to Yulin began to contact network transmission, the FBI is about to enter the test stage, means that Yulin Train EMU countdown. "Li Zhan railway (picture) in addition, the reporter also learned that in November 8th," the study on the pre feasibility of Intercity Railway Wuzhou to Yulin and Yulin to the "pre feasibility study" Beihai Intercity Railway review will be held in Nanning. At the meeting, the panel passed the two reports in principle. According to the "report" feasibility study of Wuzhou Yulin Intercity Railway pre: Wuzhou to Yulin intercity railway passenger line, intercity railway, the design speed of 250 kilometers, 171.026 kilometers length, route south of Wuzhou – Cenxi – Rongxian County – Kong Liang – North – Yulin. Including: Cenxi, Cenxi west two waxy Dong station. The total investment of about 21 billion 900 million yuan, the construction period of 4 years, recommended during 13th Five-Year. According to the "Yulin to Beihai Intercity Railway pre feasibility study report": Yulin to Beihai intercity railway passenger intercity railway, double line, the design speed of 250 km. According to the pre feasibility study, the line preliminary loose相关的主题文章: