Zhang Gaoli adhere to local conditions and gradually resolve the real estate inventory policy 海思k3v2

Zhang Gaoli: according to local conditions and the policies applied by the city to gradually solve the real estate inventory Zhang Gaoli at the provincial and ministerial level cadres to promote the supply side structural reform seminar forum stressed on the "three to a drop for a" five key tasks and promoting the supply side structural reform of the Xinhua News agency in Beijing on 9 September, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, vice premier of the State Council Zhang Gaoli 9, with the provincial and ministerial level cadres to promote the supply side structural reform seminar participants forum. Zhang Gaoli said, the general secretary Xi Jinping at the central economic work conference to promote the supply side structural reforms to make important deployment, the emphasis on promoting the supply side structural reform, and lead the major innovation is to adapt to the economic development of the new normal, active choice is to adapt to the international financial crisis after the comprehensive national strength competition in the new situation, it is the need of our country the economic development of the new normal. Premier Li Keqiang in the government work report made it clear that efforts to strengthen the supply side structural reforms, accelerate the development of new energy momentum. At present, the main aspects of the major contradictions and conflicts facing the development of China’s economy in the supply side, we must deeply understand the importance of promoting the supply side structural reform and the urgency to further thinking and action into the important decision of the Party Central Committee and the State Council to deploy up. Zhang Gaoli stressed that we should focus on the capacity to inventory, to leverage, to reduce cost, make up the short board of five key tasks, push forward the supply side structural reform. To highlight the steel and coal industry to capacity, comprehensive use of safety and environmental protection, quality, energy consumption, industrial policy and market legalization means, promoting overcapacity exit, strict control of new capacity, staff placement, debt disposal and supplemental funds use work. To adhere to local conditions, the policies applied by the city, and gradually resolve the real estate inventory, focus on the implementation of 100 million non household population settled in the city plan, in order to solve the housing needs of urban residents as the main starting point, build buy rent and housing system, in addition to shed changed resettlement and public rental housing security monetization efforts. To promote the merger and reorganization of enterprises, revitalize the stock of assets, the development of equity financing, Duocuobingju, actively and steadily reduce leverage. To conscientiously implement the State Council "program to reduce the" real economy enterprise cost, to further reduce the corporate tax burden, reduce financing costs, the system of transaction cost, labor cost, energy cost, logistics cost of land. To focus on poverty alleviation, agriculture, industry, and new areas such as infrastructure, increase investment, gathering resources to speed up the padded short board, to strengthen the weak links in economic and social development. Zhang Gaoli said, we should adhere to balanced, properly handle the relationship between government and market, the current and long-term relationship, mutual cooperation and moderate expansion of aggregate demand, the upgrading of traditional energy and new energy for fostering the growth of organic combination of high quality and high level to push into the supply side structural reform priorities. State Councilor and State Council Secretary General Yang Jing attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The seminar by the Central Organization Department, the national development and Reform Commission and National School of Administration jointly organized the relevant departments responsible person and all the students to participate in the discussion. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: