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Zhang Liang unfamiliar street live about "how to make a high-quality hanger" – Sohu entertainment last night (28 days), mobile social networking platform under the banner of the unfamiliar street you live ushered in by Zhang Liang’s "Ryoko fitness movement" class, in the program, Zhang Liang told us how to use the small office equipment, home to exercise, practice what to wear good quality clothes rack "in good shape. At the end of the program, with live connection for fitness enthusiasts unfamiliar street popularity anchors Syaoran brother and Zhang Liang, two people ask and answer a demonstration, two men of God on the show of muscle, female friends shouted "lick the screen and slobber it! Ha you live by Zhang Liang and co sponsored the" Ryoko "movement to tell you the correct exercise and healthy living ideas, the broadcast is third. Due to the precipitation of the previous two years, a lot of friends to Zhang Liang put forward a variety of fitness issues. At the beginning of the show, Zhang Liang patiently answered these questions, and told everyone at home fitness should pay attention to matters. Then, Zhang Liang will demonstrate how to build high-quality wear any clothes hanger are good-looking figure. "The main reason is that the dress looks lordosis after Alice, shoulder, chest, legs, hips, shoulders wide clothes on both sides can hold up, as to why the winter clothes than the summer clothes look good, because there is a small head, shoulder pads, a small head feels is high, so look nice." Zhang Liang pointed to the side of his body to explain. Usually at home or office without dumbbells, you can use mineral water instead of dumbbells, hands up, the speed is not too fast, each group 10 times, do the 4 groups can be, the rest is not more than 2 minutes. Once a week training, will soon have a perfect figure. In order to let you have a more intuitive feeling, Zhang Liang demonstration of the scene of the shoulder training methods, after a few sets of practice down, Zhang Liang’s forehead is also a sweat. The chest, the gym is the best method of bench press, home office, self training manual, girls kneeling, elbows to the side is flat chest, triceps, push ups, each 20 times, the two groups after can be advanced, do regular push ups. Boy, clapping, wide hand, shoulder width 2 hands, 10 times, tensile pectoral muscle, large area, full, narrow hand, shoulder width, elbow back. Zhang Liang then demanstrated girls and boys pectoral muscle training. "Hip and leg squats are a good way to do it, and be sure to take the right approach. In the center of the heel, feet slightly wider shoulder to shoulder, knees at toe position, chest, upper body to keep upright, each 10 times, the 4 groups." Zhang Liangzhen finished the genuine knife group after training, there has been uneven breathing, and sweating. You live users to see Zhang Liang so hard, "Zhang Liang, you are my God", "bright, good brother, brother, I love you", "really is a benefit not only all kinds of messages followed, and yachts, sports cars, golden microphone, applause and other virtual gifts continue to refresh. Zhang Liang expressed appreciation for the warm interaction between the people, and said that we sent this.相关的主题文章: