Zhangzhou Gure sea boat power sudden loss of 24 people in Taiwan Strait in distress-cashmere mafia

Zhangzhou Gure sea boat power sudden loss of 24 people in Taiwan Strait in distress – distress of the injured were transferred to hospital Herald News (reporter correspondent Wang Longxiang Li Xin Xiao Wen Shui map) in Zhangzhou to the east of Gure about 60 nautical miles, an unnamed wooden ship damaged, the boat 24 people in distress, one leg fracture. Fortunately, yesterday morning 7:20 Xu, after 19 hours of rescue organizations in Fujian maritime search and rescue center, the rescue of all the people in the Strait of Taiwan in danger of safety. The 21 day 16:42 Xu, police received Fujian fishing 64675 and fishing boats, Zhangzhou maritime bureau immediately made contact with the police to determine the exact location of fishing vessels. Due to more distress on wooden staff, the maritime department notified the police waiting in distress around the wooden fishing boat. Fujian maritime search and rescue center immediately launched the emergency plan, deploy "Sea Patrol 0801", "Sea Patrol 08703", "Sea Patrol 8707" emergency rescue preparations, ships involved in the rescue organization and strengthen the coordination of the lookout, the East China Sea Rescue Bureau professional salvage east sea rescue 113 rushed to the area to carry out rescue. Informed of this, Vice Minister of the Ministry of transportation party secretary Yang Chuantang, He Jianzhong attaches great importance to the requirements were given instructions, ways and measures to carry out rescue work as soon as possible, to ensure the safety and security of rescue personnel in distress, and inform the relevant departments in Taiwan. At that time, the sea wind 6 to 7 levels, waves 4 to 5 meters, the sea is very bad weather. Because of the distress of more staff, Fujian maritime search and rescue center for Fujian fishing 64675 and Fujian fishing 64878 guard at the scene, the attention surrounding the ship, to ensure its own security at the same time in advance to the delivery of fresh water and food in distress. Day 22 am, starting from Xiamen, a professional rescue ship, the East China Sea Rescue after several hours of full speed navigation, arrived in the waters of the incident in the sea. To assess the safety situation on site, immediately determine the site disposal plan. Contact with the person in distress, the Fujian provincial maritime search and rescue center to understand all the signs of life in distress is good, so that they remain calm, with search and rescue operations. Due to the large waves, persons in distress was first transferred to Fujian fishing 64675, in the East China Sea rescue 113 escort to Fujian coast. Yesterday, 7:00, the use of coastal wind and waves to reduce the chance of being transferred to the safety of personnel in distress to the East China Sea rescue 113. 11:00, a wounded leg fractures by the Zhangzhou maritime bureau, coast guard 08703 first transferred to the shore, and sent to the hospital for treatment. 11:45, "coastguard 8703", "35636 Gongbian boat" and other law enforcement boats remaining trapped security personnel transferred to the shore. At present, 24 escape personnel were handed over to the relevant departments for further investigation.相关的主题文章: