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Zhao Wei open a rumor why must put yourself in such a great article on the land of oyster on November 14th morning, Zhao Wei studio issued a statement for micro-blog update, "Zhao Wei Hilary funded team campaign" to respond to rumors, Zhao Wei wrote "the studio of the rumors stop wise. Over the years, all the time on acting and directing work on Zhao Wei, has been making the audience favorite and quality work for oneself, and put a lot of time and energy, lack of countless family time with their children, but now can raise the rumors so surreal, very sensational, be a wild legend for her. A person who does not have enough sleep to rest, really can not afford this so-called world-class rumors. We sincerely hope that there will be no similar malicious injury occurred in any innocent person, we call for honesty, health, conscience, love!" Zhao Wei studio also said in a statement, for malicious slander will take legal means to strictly pursue its legal responsibility. See Zhao Wei again stand out of the rumor, not by the burst of inexplicable tension, because like many old fans who is so fair, love the little swallow, the play’s remarkable performance, the kind of naive and lively very infected people. It is from that time may have a very good impression on her, maybe it is from that moment Fan Bingbing also officially entered the audience’s eyes, but as some friends said, the little swallow is golden and two different personalities, but in reality, Zhao Wei and Fan Bingbing were also completely two different types of stars. In fact, Zhao Wei is not the first time at the foreign matter, remember the last time or ten years ago, that a cheongsam door event image to make it crash, as some users say she has joined other nationalities do not research, but everything is unlikely to believe that this time Weakness lends wings to rumours., things won’t be the reason, netizens is how to see it? After users of apple at the end of this see Zhao Wei said in a statement: "just low-key not long, and it up." This wave of words is really some vivid, think of the original "Huanzhugege" several, either Ruby Lin or Fan Bingbing, for a period of time in the entertainment circle is very lively, have got married love, a time to become a hot figure of entertainment. Zhao Wei in the past few years, as some netizens have said, may really follow Ma mixed, with a lot of light. Of course, the star and the merchants are often with each other, this is an indisputable fact. In fact, Zhao Weijuan was not involved in the U.S. presidential election, we do not pay attention to these users, even if involved in how? What about half a dime? Just see this statement has a very disgusting people, as users do not want to talk about the kind of film to the film as the responsibility and ignore the family.. This sentence really want to spit. You are in the name of Lee, don’t put yourself so great? You don’t make a movie, this world will be a good movie; but you don’t take home, there is a lack of motherly love children." This netizen added: "rumors! I remember the sun flag funded Abe is visible相关的主题文章: