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The property market funds and A Stock Brokerage: near 2900 points into the Jiancang range promising market in October Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares after the stock market: many city the most simple way for people to pick up the money to go out to play a circle of home found themselves suddenly no sales qualification. This is really not a piece, during the National Day holiday, the regulation policy of "blossom everywhere", the purchase of credit limit, the property market as a winter night. In this case, the funds before the purchase of the house should go to where? There are private persons in WeChat circle said, the property market funds began to fight A shares, in the recent release of private equity products, there are many investors who withdraw from the property market investors. A shares continue to adjust the stock market, expect the A shares "Kim Gu" market ultimately failed to achieve, as of the end of the month closing, the stock index fell 2.62% in September, the first three quarters of A shares fell by 15.1%, once again "bear" crown global stock market. Review before a period of A shares, turnover in the doldrums, sentiment slack is one of the most important features, but the property market is hot, blood money market is also considered an important cause of 1000 sideways market. So, after the sharp adjustment of the housing market, A shares will usher in "silver ten" market? The industry pointed out that after the festival with Shenzhen Hong Kong gradually approaching, the economic index released, capital is expected to return, A shares is expected to usher in a wave of weak rebound market. Private equity Chen Yun said, in the liquidity overflow, asset shortage era background, A stock market does replace the real estate to become public assets to maintain value, value-added potential, but the lack of money is the effect and confidence. Compared to the real estate market, A shares since last year after the adjustment to the systemic risk probability is very low, but more crazy than the current housing market has investment value, once the A shares appear steady wave of market rebound, will likely absorb part of the real estate speculation funds. It is worth noting that, there are private equity in WeChat circle said, in its recent issuance of private equity products, there are many investors who withdraw from the property market, the withdrawal of funds from the property market has begun to layout A shares step by step. China Statistics released in August monthly report also showed that the end of 8, A shares held by the circulation of more than 100 million yuan market value of natural persons 4392 people, 7 months from the end of the month increased by 174 people. Broker: fourth quarter "trend" market will continue despite the Shanghai stock index still around 3000 points near the shocks, the private equity fund managers are in ample supply of ammunition, waiting for Kakura Ryo. Reporters interviewed a number of private, understand that the national day more private equity is holding holidays. Because its position is not high, the general positions are in 4-5 into, the later gallon space is larger, just waiting for an opening opportunity. State Securities (600109, stock bar) the latest research report that, during the National Day holiday, the real estate regulation into focus. The real estate market and A share market have "seesaw effect" to a certain extent". If the government strengthens the regulation of real estate, it will not exclude the possibility of capital inflow into A shares. However, considering the liquidity and other factors, it is expected that the fourth quarter of A shares will continue "incremental theory"

楼市资金战A股 券商:2900点附近步入建仓区间 看好10月行情 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 新股申购:股市最简单捡钱方式   许多城市的人外出游玩一圈之后回家发现,自己突然没有买房资格了。这真不是段子,国庆长假期间,调控政策“遍地开花”,限购限贷,楼市仿佛一夜入冬。这样的情况下,之前准备买房的资金又该投向哪里呢?有私募人士在微信圈表示,楼市资金开始转战A股了,在近期发行的私募产品中,有不少认购者是从楼市撤下来的投资者。   楼市疯狂 A股连续调整   众所期待的A股“金九”行情最终未能实现,截至月末收盘,股指9月下跌2.62% ,前三季度A股跌了15.1%,再一次“熊”冠全球股市。   回顾节前一段时间的A股,成交低迷,人气涣散是最为重要的特征,而楼市火爆,抽血股市资金也被认为是“千股横盘”行情的重要原因。那么楼市调控风声骤紧之后,A股会否迎来“银十”行情?业内指出,节后随着深港通渐行渐近、各项经济指数出炉,资金有望回流,A股有望迎来一波弱反弹行情。   私募人士陈贇表示,在流动性泛滥、资产荒时代的背景下,A股市场的确有替代房产成为民众实现资产保值、增值的潜力,但是缺的就是赚钱效应与信心。相较于房地产,A股市场经过了去年以来的调整,继续出现大的系统性风险概率极低,反而比目前疯狂的房市更加具备投资价值,一旦A股出现一波稳定的反弹行情,将极有可能吸收部分房产投机的资金。   值得注意的是,有私募人士在微信圈表示,在其近期发行的私募产品中,有不少认购者是从楼市撤下来的投资者,这些从楼市撤出来的资金已经开始有步骤地布局A股。   中国结算公布的8月统计月报也显示,8月末持有A股流通市值超过1亿元的自然人有4392人,环比7月末增加174人。   券商:四季度“无趋势性”行情将延续   尽管上证指数依然围绕3000点附近持续震荡,私募基金管理者却在备足“弹药”,等待加仓良机。记者采访了多家私募了解到,国庆较多私募都是持股过节。因为本身的仓位并不高,普遍的仓位都在4-5成,后期加仓的空间都较大,只是等待一个加仓的机会而已。   国金证券(600109,股吧)最新研报认为,国庆长假期间,房地产调控成焦点。房地产市场与A 股市场具有一定程度上“跷跷板效应”。如果政府加强对房地产的调控,不排除资金流入A股的可能。不过,考虑到流动性等因素,预计A股四季度仍将延续“增量资金有限,存量资金博弈,成交量低迷”等特征。指数向上有“流动性”的天花板形成制约,向下有“国家队”的护盘,市场仍将表现为“无趋势性”,相对看好10月份行情,指数中枢或缓慢上移,提防指数上行之后的尾部风险。上证综指预计将在2900-3200点区间波动,操作上建议寻找更为“舒适”的买点,2900点附近步入建仓区间。   招商证券(600999,股吧)研究人士也表示,上市公司三季报将陆续披露,三季报乃至全年业绩情况可能对股价产生较大影响。随着深港通临近,A股中一批高估值品种调整压力加大。同时,新股发行节奏也成为影响10月A股的重要因素。此外,国际油价走势、美联储年底动向、央行货币政策的变化都将影响后期A股表现。 新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: