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Zhejiang Dongtou wood carving artist: don’t forget to early heart carved old fisherman vicissitudes zhongxinwangzhongxinwang – in September 20 Wenzhou Xinhua (reporter Li Tingting Chen Jie) of the "Island fishing" desolate and helpless, hardworking and honest, "Fisher roof" fantastic "passing roast boat"…… In Dongtou County of Zhejiang province Wenzhou city Niyu Street Lang road a wood carving studio, a series of fishing life as the theme of the work is particularly striking. The studio owner is 47 year old Yang Song young seedlings, after mending the nets, fishing sea pastoral shuttle for seven years, to regain heart carved after the dream, Yang Song Miller began fishing "carved people" life. Looking back on the past, Yang Songmiao’s road to the wood is quite bumpy and drama. He was born in Dongtou to a remote island — Niyu Island, will show great art talent in primary school. "In an art class, the teacher gave me a picture of 105 high score, I am pleased to bad!" Yang Songmiao said that since he took the brush it, sketched from painting, to the calendar, New Year paintings copying to landscape painting, the painting, the painting has experienced a solid foundation for his future learning carving play. The creation of Yang Songmiao Fisher theme sculpture. Yang Songmiao was eighteen years old, because the family budget, Yang seedlings had to drop out of school followed the elders to learn mending the nets technology, more than three years at the time of shear slipping away in there. Then, put down the shuttle, Yang Songmiao followed brother fishing in the sea, a drift is more than three years. Until the age of twenty-four, the seedlings ushered in a watershed. That year, he went to Wenzhou, Yongjia folk artist Zhang Xianyu to learn carving skills, with a hard and diligent attitude to learn, a year earlier than the seedlings of the division of the teacher of the Yang Song. Wood carving is very hard, need patience and careful." Yang Songmiao said, from the composition to carve, to complete a work at least ten days or more. However, when you will be a waste of wood carving exquisite wooden handicrafts, Yang Song Miao feel is full of unspeakable. The creation of Yang Songmiao Fisher theme sculpture. Yang Songmiao provides at the same time, Yang Songmiao has also maintained a constant charge state. The traditional wood carving has a long history, numerous fine craftsman in. From reference and imitation to independent creation, from participation in collective sculpture to set up a personal studio, Yang Miao tasted sour, sweet, bitter, hot passion, consistent from beginning to end. He believes that when the wood carving works and life integration, and traditional phase, and the era of love, so it has been endowed with vitality, but also have value and significance of existence. From the "boat" to the sea "passing the ship" from "roast," to the "Island fishing fishing impression", from "life" to "years"…… There is a sense of the sea broadmindedness and a series of fishing around the subject to changing moods, the theme of the work in the hands of Yang Songmiao was born. Yang Songmiao introduced, in the expression of the theme of fishing life, in addition to boxwood as material, he is more of a selection of unique ancient wood carving as the main material. The future, plan to reflect 100 Island Miao Yang fishing and life 100 series of fishing island and the theme of woodcarving, showing fishing life changes created by the times. Yang Songmiao’s works of fishing相关的主题文章: